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Study / Office Space

Tips to Help You Back to Work 

Getting back to routines and work-life balance can be a challenge, especially when working from home. Find inspiration and clever tips below.

Set Up a Working  Zone

Use a hardworking desk and office chair to help working from home feel professional. Height-adjustable with built-in lumbar support, JÄRVFJÄLLET office chair is available with or without armrests, so you can choose how much support you need. While BEKANT corner desk helps you maximise your space.

Schedule Breaks and Self-care

Taking a break from your to-do list is beneficial to you and your work – it can do wonders for your productivity. Use an hourglass to create micro-breaks and savour a stretch. Or take a walk. You’ll soon enjoy feeling and working better.

Let Ideas Hang Out Together

Pin up your schedule or reminders. And hang your favourite materials, photos, and motivational quotes to turn a plain pegboard into an inspiring mood board.

Manage Cables and Accessories

Are your cables running wild? Investing in some cable management accessories will help you get them under control, and even if you’re only working from home temporarily, they can come in handy behind the TV bench or under the dinner table.
Create a workspace that makes life easier 
Pick a right desk, a comfy office chair, smart storage solutions and suitable lighting to make working hard feels like hardly working. IKEA helps you to improve work efficiency so you can spend time trying different things in life.   

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