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Swedish Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious taste of Sweden at your IKEA store. Take a break in the Swedish Restaurant with a Swedish-style dish or local favourite. After checkout, grab a quick pick-me-up at the Bistro. And, before you go, explore the Swedish Food Market for take-home meals and treats. We’ve made sure it’s all sustainable, so it’s better for you and the planet.

*Food Supply depends on each store;IKEA Restaurant opening hour depends on each store

Breath-taking delicacy

Christmas Ham
Ham, Mashed potatoes, Mustard and Mixed vegetables.
12/1~12/31 IKEA Family price $199
Sauce-Grilled Steak
Sauce-Grilled Steak, Mashed potatoes, Roasted vegetables, Red wine sauce
Red Wine Beef Spaghetti
Red wine beef, Spaghetti, Carrot, Mixed vegetables
Salmon Fillet with Riced Mushroom
Salmon fillet, riced mushroom, mixed vegetables, Dijon mustard
Bread with Shredded Chicken and Mixed Mushroom
Butter bread, shredded chicken, mixed mushrooms, mixed vegetables
(Supply time 9:00-10:30)
Plant Balls Spaghetti with Pumpkin Sauce
Plant balls, Spaghetti, mixed vegetables, pumpkin sauce


Honey Roasted Prok Ribs with Sweet Potatoes
with Smoked pork ribs, mixed vegetables, sweet potato chunks, and honey barbecue sauce.
* Food Supply depends on each store
Crispy Pork Knuckle with Sweet Potatoes
Pork knuckle, sweet potato chunks,  and sauerkraut.
* Food Supply depends on each store
Roasted Half Chicken
Roasted half chicken, mixed vegetables, French fries.
* Food Supply depends on each store​
Swedish Meatballs
Meatballs/chicken balls (choose one), meatball sauce, mashed potatoes,  and lingonberry jam​. *Meatballs contain beef ingredient​
10pcs $139
15pcs $189
Plant Balls 8pcs/15pcs
Plant balls, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, cream sauce,  and lingonberry jam.

Penne Gratin with Oat Milk White Sauce
Penne gratin with oat milk white sauce、Mixed vegetables
Quinoa Chicken Breast Salad
Smoked chicken breast、Mixed lettuce、Quinoa and chickpea mixed salad、Thousand island dressing
Chicken Salad
Smoked chicken, lettuce, and tomatoes​.
Chicken Lasagna with Pesto Sauce
Durum wheat flour, potatoes, broccoli, chicken, mushrooms, basil, shredded cheese, bacon, onions.
Smoke Salmon with Lettuce
Smoked salmon, lettuce, and lemon.
Cheese Truffle Mushroom Pie
Flour, cheese, butter, shredded heese, cultivated mushroom, brown swordbelt, potatoes, Parmesan cheese shavings, arrots, cauliflower, truffle mushroom sauce.
Potato Letters
Potato, corn meal, salt.
Pizza Margherita
Flour, cheese, tomato, basil, onions.
Steamed Egg
Egg, chicken, corn, fish patty, and mushroom​.
Roasted Vegetables
The vegetables may change depending on the season.​
Afternoon Tea Combo
The offer includes one selected $69 dessert, one selected add-on and one beverage(coffee or cold drink)
+$20, upgrade for dessert priced at $70 or above

*Available time: Mon.-Fri 14:00-17:00​

Kids Meal
Cheese chicken nuggets, potato letters, mixed vegetables and cold drink.

Caramel Apple Cake
Caramel paste, fat spreads, egg, diced apple, cane sugar, flour.
Mille Crepes with Cream
Fat spreads, milk, custard powder, egg, long-life milk, flour, butter and sugar.
Cheesecake with Blueberries & Raspberries
with cheese, wheat flour, blueberries, raspberries, and eggs​.
Gooey Chocolate Cake
Gooey chocolate cake, O’boy chocolate powder, and cream​.
Apple Cake
Diced apples, apple puree, wheat flour, cinnamon powder, and margarine​.
Cold Drink
Sparking fruit water with 50% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks.
Hot Drink
UTZ Certified Coffee.

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