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The Best Things to Buy at IKEA, According to Reviews

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Home comforts


"The size is just perfect for our kitchen, and it has a dirt hiding color. Will order again!"


"Good support and strong motion isolation. Most importantly, it provides enough motion isolation so even your partner moves, you don't feel too much movement."


Storage across the home


"Using this to keep cups, coffee beans, coffee makers and some ingredients such as flour in my house. Dust-free because of the lid. Easy to stack. A very good storage appliance."


"Easy to store pillows and duvets away. It's economical and practical."

Storage cabinet

Storage box


Playing and working from home


"Using this for children to sit on while taking a shower. It has a high degree of safety because its anti-slip design makes it steady. With the anti-slip design, they should be less likely to slip. The price is fair."


"Cheap, practical, great gift ideas and is very useful for camping. Not only good for a family with kids, also for a gathering of a few friends. Both eco and practical. Recommended!"


Time to cook and eat


"It can be used in the oven and is easy to clean. Good price."


"Delicate and with high quality."


Everyday essentials


"A very practical stick-on floor protector."


"A must have for cat lovers. It sticks well, rolls easily and is easy to tear off. "