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The have-it-all storage wall

Why use shelving just for storage when it can be a multipurpose hub? With the right combination of units, you can fit in a workstation, TV and audio – plus the organisation you need. It’s the perfect way to make the most of your space.

What’s your storage style?

Display your favourite things – and hide away what you want out of sight. With this storage system, you can mix open shelves and closed storage. Just add decorative doors or glass doors to your taste.

Storage boxes for a tidy inside

Even if your storage boxes are hidden away behind closed doors, it’s a great feeling to know everything is nice and tidy. Sturdy boxes with lids keep everything well-organised – and dust free.

And a matching workstation

Adding a small desk to your wall-to-wall solution is a great way to get the workspace you need at home. It doesn’t take much room and can easily be matched with the overall look – plus all the work storage you need is all around.

Drawer organisers will set you free

Finding what you're looking for is the best time-saver. And that’s especially true for small stuff that easily turns into one great mess. Keep the clutter at bay by upgrading your drawers with organisers and boxes.

Turning storage into a statement

Arranging boxes and decorations into a group not only gives you handy storage for small things, but also a beautiful display. Different textures in colours that match the mood of the room is a tasteful way to go.

Colours bring it all together

When you’re working, relaxing, socialising and eating in the one small space, your choice of colours can tie these different activities together. Not that everything must be the same tone, but rather a well-coordinated palette.

Say it with a lamp

Lighting is important not only for practical reasons and setting the mood. Choosing a decorative lamp can also add a design focal point that lifts the whole room.

Box, plastic/beige

$ 49


Wall/reading lamp, wired-in inst, white

$ 829


Side table, white

$ 1,199


Storage box with lid, beige

$ 349


Swivel chair, white/beige

$ 3,699


Throw, pale pink

$ 999


Cushion cover, light beige

$ 299

0 (0)

Desk, high-gloss white

$ 6,490


Top panel, oak veneer

$ 1,500

0 (0)

Armchair, gunnared light brown-pink

$ 8,990


Lamp shade, rope pattern beige

$ 1,099

0 (0)

Cushion cover, dark beige

$ 349

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0 (0)

Storage combination w glass doors, white lappviken/light grey-beige clear glass

$ 13,800

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores

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