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Running a business from home

Many great companies have started as a home business. And why not? With a well-thought-out set-up, even a small space can be enough to let you thrive. Like this knitwear start-up with everything in one compact solution.

Get the job done comfortably

If your production is suited to working in a comfortable armchair, you will probably want everything you need at arm’s length. A big shelving unit keeps all your supplies well-organised and close at hand.

Convenient cabinet capacity

Maximise every inch of your wall to get more storage without taking up precious floor space. A row of cabinets up top always comes to good use and is easy to get to with a step stool.

A desk that does you good

Get set for the marketing-sales-admin side of your business. A height-adjustable desk with sit/stand support lets you find a variety of well-supported positions and helps you get healthy movement during your workdays.

Organisation is in the details

Don’t waste time looking for what you need. A pegboard to keep things well-organised and close at hand – along with other small storage and organisers – helps your work run smoothly.

price with IKEA Family

Storage box, white

$ 339

Normal price $ 399


Rack with 6 knobs, oak

$ 399

0 (0)

Electric standing desk, desk sit/stand, white

$ 15,490


Active sit/stand support, gunnared beige

$ 2,799


Floor/reading lamp, white

$ 1,999


Storage unit on castors, mesh white

$ 5,690

0 (0)

Step stool, white/birch

$ 599


High-back armchair, gunnared light green

$ 11,900

0 (0)

Rug, low pile, handmade multicolour,170x240

$ 11,900

0 (0)

price with IKEA Family

Pegboard, white

$ 499

Normal price $ 599

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Shelving unit, white

$ 3,495

Only available in-store


Cabinet, pine

$ 3,490

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Shelving unit, pine

$ 2,400

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores