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Living solo: a small, budget-friendly studio apartment

After years abroad with just a backpack, settling down in one place has been both an adjustment and a joy. Their first permanent address in many moons, they’ve taken their tight budget and made their compact studio apartment a multifunctional, bright and welcoming space with room to work, play and relax.

Investing in good sleep

After spending many (many) nights on other people’s sofas, there was no question: a really good bed was a necessary investment. Sure, it meant saving up and being selective elsewhere in the home, but after a day of studying and working, climbing between the sheets always feels like a reward.

A welcoming, cosy living area

Whether it’s an evening with their classmates dissecting that afternoon’s exam, or time alone reclining with a book, the sectional sofas in their living area can be reconfigured for all occasions. Add in some art, throws and cushions and you’ve got a space that reflects their personality: warm and open.

A table for work and play

As a student, there is always work to be done, but just as much as they need to stick their head down, they also love to feed their friends. A table with a mix of benches and chairs makes it all possible and with long, open shelves housing all their art supplies, creating has never been easier.

The compact kitchen

While the apartment’s little kitchen does the basics, a touch more space was needed. The easy addition of a trolley was the answer, delivering a wheelable worktop and extra storage.

A small bathroom for a daily dose of freshness

In their bathroom, the walls have been put to good use with both open and closed storage, and careful configuring means there is even space for a washing machine and laundry station. It all goes to show that even with a little footprint and a small budget, there is always space for more! See more storage ideas for a small home.

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