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The refined gamer’s den – a hand-picked home with a punk soul

Step into a gaming den that may upend some preconceived notions. Besides doubling as a home office, it also acts as a gym and online social hub – all wrapped into a coordinated, elegant and versatile whole.

A calm corner with hidden powers

With the ability to hide screens and art at a moment’s notice, the wall-covering curtains have room-transforming qualities. Drawn shut, it becomes a harmonious workspace, with graceful lines in light oak contrasted against the luxurious green backdrop.

Make storage stylish again

The cable game

No matter how into electronics you are, getting rid of cords surrounding your desk – like in this hidden compartment – can improve both aesthetics and your personal calm.

No need to overdo it

One benefit of having an organised space is how the thoughtful, subtle aspects become more visible. Then a slimline worklamp, a few select accessories, a potted plant, and whatever goes on a handy desk hook is just enough.

The beauty of boxes within boxes

When you have an elegant desk, don’t cramp its style with a clunky drawer unit. Let instead a mini chest of drawers (this is even oak coordinated!) take care of accessories. Take it out when you need it, then slide it back in a stylish cabinet or other storage space once you’re done.

Where once was clutter

For the minute but important stuff we all have, this type of compartment box can be a lifesaver. Get a neat stack of them, bring out when needed – and let them sit stylishly on a shelf the rest of the time.

Clean look, lean living

The minimalistic gym can be said to mirror the room as a whole. Simplistic elegance with carefully selected, stylish details and coordinated colours throughout. Aside from when it’s time for open curtains and game night, that is.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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