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Tao Yuan Store|Take a sneak peek of the new features

Complex and green landscape architecture

The new IKEA Taoyuan Store was constructed with sustainability in mind: Use green energy, save energy, reduce carbon emission, water reuse and add greenery.
  • The ceiling to floor windows are using LOW-E energy-saving glass that has an excellent insulation effect and helps to reduce energies consumed by the air-conditioning system.
  • Integrated natural light and showrooms to make the store look more spacious and brighter.
  • The 802 pieces of solar panels on the rooftop can generate approximately 243,259 kWh per year, which in equivalent can support the energy usage of 70 households for a year.
  • Wind energy facility
  • Facade greening with perennial vine plant walls to increase green looking ratio and to create a pedestrian-friendly open space.
  • Our sprinkler system is using the filtered and sterilized water from the rainwater recycle and reuse system that at its full capacity can provide enough supplies to water the plants in the surrounding area for 50 days.
Creating a green lifestyle and allowing the architecture to initiate a nature’s conversation with its surroundings.

LOW-E energy-saving floor to ceiling windows

Facade greening with plant walls

5F Swedish Restaurant

Across two floors and with large window seats to indulge in Taoyuan’s scenery and enjoy your meal with lovely sunshine. With 755 seats and various dining seating options, including sofa area, bar area, large group area, small round table area, and window seats with bar chairs. The dining areas also offer seats with access to power outlets to make it easy for you to get some work done if needed. Come experience these new dining options!

【Family dining area】
We designed a brand new family dining area in the Swedish Restaurant on the fifth floor, which is equipped with the newly-upgraded Play Forest—suitable for families with kids where parents can enjoy their meals while watching their kids having fun in the Play Forest!
5F dining area
6F dining area
Window seats with scenery
5F order area

4F SMÅLAND the magical forest

IKEA Taoyuan Store has upgraded our original children’s play area to the Scandanivian style children’s playroom—SMÅLAND the magical forest—that we imported with its original packaging, which can host up to 15 kids at each time slot. We have a queuing system implemented so parents can scan QR code queuing progress to keep track with their queuing status while shopping in the store at ease.

Also, we have family toilets and three nursing rooms in the store for families shopping with kids to have one less thing to worry about.
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Upgraded showrooms

Taoyuan Store has the largest floor area among all the IKEA stores in Taiwan, with a total floor area of 29,885 m2, six floors above ground and three below.

Total 46 showrooms in the store: The showrooms are designed to reflect specific interior features that are often seen in the homes in Taoyuan and Hsinchu areas. Most of the showrooms are designed with living rooms or bedrooms connecting to balconies. Another feature is open living rooms and dining rooms. With interior designs and floor plans that are close to actual homes in the areas, we offer a diverse and more practical decorating inspiration.

IKEA Taoyuan Store adopts the concept of “neighborhood” when designing the showrooms’ walls, floor plans and interior designs, which are a vivid presentation of the lifestyle in Taoyuan and Hsinchu areas. Walking around the showrooms feels like taking a familiar walk around your neighboring streets and alleys.
4F Outdoor garden
5F Home furnishing and decorating ideas
5F Balcony storage solutions

IKEA for Business showrooms

Whether you want to open a new guest house, a café, or simply need a makeover for your office, IKEA for Business offers all the services you need—from furnishing consultants, placing orders and picking up your purchases, to arranging delivery and installation. IKEA for Business got your back!
Hakka café:The one and only Hakka style café in Taiwan.

Featuring a large amount of red bricks and window grilles, and complete with rattan tables and chairs in minimalist and modern designs, this café is a combination of innovative and traditional aesthetics.

Pet products showroomBe with your furry family and take good care of them.

The showroom presents a pet’s daily life and a display of pet products for pet lovers like you to find your design inspiration and to create a heartwarming and happy living environment for your furry family.

Clothes shop: Make your clothes shop dreamy and not just a dream anymore.
Utilize open shelving units to display products, which help emphasize the style and atmosphere in the space.
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