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Tao Yuan Store|IKEA for Business

Planning service

Need us to plan and furnish for you in one go?

IKEA for Business designing consultants will measure your place and pick just the perfect furniture for you, creating a practical and comfy workspace or a heartwarming and chilling home for you with an affordable price.  

IKEA for Business
Service hours: 10am-8pm

*Located on the right side near 5F floor entrance. Follow the route towards the restaurant and you won’t miss the IKEA for Business office entrance! 
Book now: IKEA for Business furnishing consulting service 
IKEA for business furnishing consulting service terms and conditions
Floor plan dimensions 1
Floor plan dimensions 2


IKEA for Business assisted shopping

Do you need assistance to place a bulk order or to purchase furniture for your business premises? 

We offer a single contact window to serve all your IKEA for Business needs.
You can bring your shopping list to the IKEA for Business service counter for our experts to assist you. We offer a hassle-free single contact window for your IKEA for Business specialist to assist you with one-stop service, from picking up your purchases to arranging delivery and installation—all you need to do is pay a reasonable service fee and let our experts handle all the tasks. With IKEA for Business, you can enjoy shopping while saving time and money! 

Please contact us:
LINE ID : tysbusin592


E-mail order service

Want to save time or don’t want to make the trip? 
E-mail order service is the answer! With a reasonable service fee, you can order your favorite products with ease. You can create a shopping list with your favorite products, download it, fill out information on the order form and email to

→ We will contact you via email to confirm articles needed, total order amount, payment method, delivery schedule and shipping address within two business days (excluding weekends) upon receiving your order requests. 

Download e-mail order form

Important notices:
  • Please be reminded that e-mail order service is not mail order, and the 7-day cooling-off period does not apply to e-mail order service. If you are not satisfied with the products, within 365 days, you can return or exchange the products with intact condition, original packaging, together with the original uniform invoice and purchase list (if paid by credit card, please bring the credit card and sign slip) at IKEA Taoyuan Store 2F return and exchange service counter. If your purchase is with the tax ID number added to the invoice, please bring the uniform invoice stamp of the entity or the company’s stamps. 
  • If the product is not available in stock, we will contact you to confirm if you want to wait for the stock to be available or cancel the product. 
  • Please only make the transfer to the assigned account upon receiving the payment notification and not prior to that.
Online order can be collected at IKEA Xin Chu Pick-up and Order Point

IKEA for Business showrooms

Integrated Cooking ClassroomThe one and only Hakka style  in Taiwan.

Featuring a large amount of red bricks and window grilles, and complete with rattan tables and chairs in minimalist and modern designs, this classroom is a combination of innovative and traditional aesthetics.

Kitchen storage and bar table display
Window seats area
Sofa dining area
Group dining combines with storage space 

Pet products showroom

Be with your furry family: Take good care of them
The showroom presents a pet's daily life and a display of pet products for pet lovers like you to find your design inspiration and to create a heartwarming and happy living environment for your furry family. 

●    Simple and stylish: KALLAX series offers multiple solutions 
Place it vertically or horizontally on the floor, or mount it on a wall, KALLAX has all the options you need. Beautiful and durable, KALLAX series also comes with a selection of doors, dividers, drawers and many more to meet different storage needs. 
●    Diverse combinations styles:  With EKET, you can easily create your personalized storage and display solutions!
EKET comes in a variety of colors and combinations. The versatile and flexible EKET storage series can meet everyone’s needs whether you want to mount it on the wall, stack them, add doors and more. 

Clothes shop

Utilize your wall spaces with flexible wardrobe combinations to create personalized open wardrobes. Customers can see what you have in one glance and the open displays can be an inspiration for their fashion styles. Don’t hold back, show off your good taste!
●    Make the most of each shelf space: Mix your smaller storage boxes and displays to make the most of your shelf space. 
●    Find a home for every item:  A flexible way to use the opening shelving unit is to complete with baskets and boxes in different sizes, as well as to adjust the heights between shelves to suit your needs.  

Workspace showroom

●    Create your personalized workspace: A workspace full of energy, flexibility and enthusiasm that adapts to what you need! A smart display shelving solution and rustic colors can help everyone relax and avoid building up stresses. 
●    Workspace should take care of your needs in a comprehensive manner: With plenty of storage combinations to put your mind at ease, as well as a standing table and height-adjustable chair to allow limbering up at will—when you are working comfortably, your efficiency doubles. 

Furnishing and interior planning 

Workspace type: Office
Industry: Retail
Floorspace: 60 ping
Budget: 400,000~500,000
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En Ya Environmental Protection Engineer Co.
Workspace type: Office
Industry: Rental and leasing industry
Floorspace: 120 ping
Budget: 1,000,000
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Super Dragon Technology Co., LTD.
Workspace type: Office and break room 
Industry: Traditional industry and others—recycling and incineration related
Floorspace: 90 ping
Budget: 800,000
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Darwin Precisions Corp.
Workspace type: Office
Industry: Manufacturing industry of backlight modules and electronic components for LCD monitors
Floorspace: 80 ping
Budget: 850,000
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