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Nei Hu Store services and facilities

Delivery and assembly service

Most of the IKEA furniture is using flat packaging so that you can carry them home with ease, and at the same time IKEA saves costs with transportation and is able to provide friendly price tags for our customers.

All of our furniture products come with assembly instructions, and some even come with assembling tools for you to easily put the furniture together at home. If you need a hand with the assembly, we also offer delivery and assembly service with our professional installers at reasonable prices!

Delivery and assembly service

Assembly service

Need someone to help assemble the furniture?
Yes, we are happy to help! As for the products that need to be assembled, the packaging is accompanied by assembly instructions, and some products are equipped with assembly tools to make it easy to assemble at home. If you need help, we also provide you with professional furniture assembly services at reasonable prices.
The assembly fee is charged at 6.5% of the invoice value of the assembled product. If the fee is less than $400, the minimum charge is $400.

● Sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchenware, sinks, curtains, and lighting construction costs will be extra.
● The cost of drilling holes on the wall is $30/hole. Please inform the staff whenbooking the assembly service, and confirm in advance whether the wall material and internal pipelines can be drilled.
● After the assembly is completed, the assembler will assist in centralizing the product packaging cartons, but the service of cartons recycling is not provided.
● Assembly services in some areas are addition to the assembly costs, the carriage fee (30% of the shipping fee) will be charged, and Huadong will negotiate separately.

For assembly service details, please contact the customer service counter on the 1st floor of the Neihu store.

Sewing service

Want to customize window/door curtains, tablecloths, pillowcases?
Just leave it to our sewing experts and make it as you like!
Let the sewing experts transform our fabrics into beautiful curtains, door curtains, pillows, bags and other fabric products for you. We also provide modification services to better meet your needs. You only need to choose the fabric or curtain you like, and then place an order!

Sewing service precautions
Every system service needs 5-7 working days.
Before ordering curtains, please measure the width and height of the windows in your home in advance.
We also provide curtain installation services.

Please inquire at the sewing service counter on the 2nd floor of the Neihu store.


We know that pets are family, that’s why IKEA stores welcome you, your family, and family pets (including assistance animals) with open arms! Please follow below guidelines when visiting with pets:

Pets are not allowed in the IKEA Swedish restaurant due to food hygiene regulations.
When visiting (excluding restaurant and café), please carry your family pet in a pet travel bag or a pet trolley no larger than L55 cm x W45 cm x H40 cm (calculated by carrier size, excluding frames and wheels), and close securely to prevent wastes or water spilling out. Please keep your lovely pet inside the travel bag/trolley without head, tail or paws sticking out of the bag/trolley. IKEA Nei Hu Store does not have pet-sitter service.

These terms don’t apply to police dogs on duty, guide dogs, or guide dog puppies in training that are accompanied by professional raisers. IKEA reserves the right to interpret and modify above terms and conditions.

 Wheelchair loan service 

● Please register for loan at the Customer Relations Department on the 1st floor of the IKEA Neihu store, and return it at the Customer Relations Department on the 1st floor.
● Fill in the rental form, and provide the contact information of the renter and leave the mortgage certificate (identity card, driver's license, health insurance card, choose one). If you don't bring your certificate, you need to mortgage NT$1,000.
● The scope of loan the wheelchairs is limited to the IKEA Neihu store.
● Please return the rented wheelchair before the end of business on the same day. We will check the status of the wheelchair on the spot. If there is no damage, the original mortgage certificate or rent will be returned to the customer.

E-mail ordering service

Commercial purchase/E-mail order
Love IKEA products but it is not convenient to come to the store to buy?
You can use the shopping notes function on the website, after adding your favorite products, download the shopping file together with the following E-mail order form and fax it to FAX: 02-2791-9680
If you have any questions, please call 02-27919668 #6690
Or E-mail to

IKEA Neihu Store Home Inquiry Form

Like the layout style of IKEA? We can provide you with professional suggestions such as layout inspiration, space planning and style matching for free, and plan a space that is both practical and style according to your life style and needs. Welcome to visit the store for consultation or email to chlchiu

IKEA Neihu Store Home Planning Service Appointment

Kitchen/bathroom installation service

Let us install your brand new kitchen and bathroom for you!

Our professional installers will take care of all the time-consuming small and big tasks, and we will install your kitchen and bathroom with the highest standards in the industry. Plus, we offer a 0% interest instalment when you spend a certain amount. Talk to one of our co-workers at the kitchen/bathroom area today.

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Interest free instalment

How to apply for an instalment payment plan:
Please bring your purchase to the checkout counter and inform the cashier that you’d like to opt for an interest free instalment payment plan.
*Exclusively for Citibank or Cathay, E. Sun amd DBS Bank credit cards, a single purchase of $ 30,000 or above is eligible for a 12-month interest free instalment payment plan.
*With a single purchase of $ 20,000, enjoy a 6-month interest free instalment payment plan. The eligible credit card banks are Cathay, CTBC, Taipei Fubon, Taishin, Citibank, E. Sun, DBS and HSBC.
IKEA reserves the right to interpret and modify above terms and conditions.

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365-day return and exchange

It’s ok to change your mind! We offer a 365-day return and exchange service. Within 365 days, you can return or exchange the products with intact condition, original packaging, together with the original purchase invoice at the store. For payment made with a credit card, please bring the credit card and sign slip with you. If your invoice has a tax ID number added, please bring the uniform invoice stamp or your company stamps.

Above service does not apply to products in As-Is section, food and customized products.
IKEA reserves the right to interpret and modify above terms and conditions.

365-day mattress trial guarantee 

*The “365-day mattress trial guarantee” is only valid on IKEA mattress series, but does not apply to BEITO mattresses, children’s mattresses. mattress pads, bed slats, mattress bases and bed feet. Most of our furniture products are packed with delivery-friendly flat packaging. 

* If you need to return or exchange the mattress you purchased, within 365 days from the date of purchase, you can bring the mattress and invoice to the IKEA store where you originally purchased it and apply for an exchange or refund service at the customer service desk. 

* If the mattress trial products are found to be man-made damaged or man-made stained, rather than structural problems in the manufacturing process, we will not accept the request for a return or refund. 

* When replacing the mattress, the customer must select and pay the full amount of other styles of mattress, then the customer service counter will refund the original purchase price of the mattress to the customer in full. 

* We can only refund the original purchase price of the product, not including other service fees such as mattress delivery and recycling fees. 

* Up to two styles of mattresses can be exchanged during the 365-day trial period, 

*The mattress trial does not apply to display products and products from AS-IS. 

* The return and exchange procedures are the same as the return and guarantee stated on the back of the invoice. 

Friendly services and facilities

Old mattress recycling service

KEA helps you to recycle your old mattress when you buy a new one from us!

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Old furniture removal service

Move the old furniture to the designated location or the agreed removal point.

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Power drill and wall-mounting tools rental service

Service counter is at the 1F. Present your member card number and pay a deposit of $1000 to rent tools that you need.
Free wifi
Free wifi access in the entire store for you to stay connected at all times!
Family restaurant on the 2nd floor

Provides children's meals and baby food. The dining area is equipped with children's tableware, children's bibs, milk warmers, microwave ovens and high chairs.
Parent-child / barrier-free toilet

The toilets are equipped with parent-child toilets, barrier-free toilets and diaper changing stations.
Locker service

2F elevator entrance
Provide free electronic password lock locker
Nursing room

1F/2F IKEA restaurant
Provide drinking hot and cold water and a diaper changing table, which is convenient for moms to use