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IKEA food


Enjoy a delicious taste of Sweden at your IKEA store. Take a break in the Swedish Restaurant with a Swedish-style dish or local favourite.After checkout, grab a quick pick-me-up at the Bistro.We’ve made sure it’s all sustainable, so it’s better for you and the planet.

Swedish restaurant take-away service is now available,find more delicious food​

*Food Supply depends on each store;IKEA Restaurant opening hour depends on each store

Online Ordering

Online Food Ordering service!

Greater Taipei stores, Tao Yuan store and Kao Hsiung store offer the service! You can order classic meals and selected Swedish Food Market products from the links. It's easy for takeaway!

Restaurant special

Soy sauce braised tofu with Japanese fried rice
Soy sauce braised tofu, Japanese fried rice, mixed vegetables
Kids Meal
Fried chicken, Penne, Tomato sauce, Mixed vegetables, Yoghurt
Pork chop with Pomelo Sauce and penne with tomato sauce
Pork chop, Penne , Tomato sauce , Pomelo sauce , Mixed vegetables
Chicken salad with flaxseed and Japanese dressing
Smoked chicken breast, Mixed lettuce, Flaxseed, Japanese dressing
* Food Supply depends on each store

Bistro special

Mint lime flavor ice cream
Mint lime flavor ice cream and cone
Chicken Meatballs 5pcs
Chicken meatballs, honey mustard.
Tea Egg
Egg、soybean products、gluten、Ruby Red Tea
Hot Dog
Hot dog and bun​

Bakery special

Garlic Flatbread 180g
Levain Pumpafrö 110g
Ostfranska 75g
Wienerpekan 98g

A food journey to be continued

Travelling the globe in search of new and better food, from the Andes in Peru, across the world’s oceans, and even to the ocean floor. Come with us and discover all the great tastes of the world.

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Get a taste for IKEA recipes

From ocean flavours for seafood lovers, to the good old Swedish meatball. Fish, meat, vegetable balls and ready in as little as a minute. Something for you, whatever you’re hungry for.

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Food you can feel good about

We want to offer affordable food that’s delicious, sustainable and nutritionally balanced. That’s why we include a variety of more sustainable and healthier options at our Swedish Restaurants, IKEA Bistros and IKEA Swedish Food Markets.

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