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Bistro/ Swedish bread

IKEA Bistro

Refuel before you head home

After checkout and before the journey home, why not grab a drink or a bite to eat at the IKEA Bistro, or try our hot dog? Treat yourself or your family members to an ice cream and top up your energy levels after a successful shop. At the IKEA Bistro, honest, tasty food has unbeatable value.

* Food Supply depends on each stores​
Rich Chocolate Ice Cream
Rich chocolate ice cream and cone.
Sausage with Bone
Pork sausage, chicken bone and spices.
Tea Egg
Egg、soybean products、gluten、Ruby Red Tea
QQ Sausage
Pork, chicken, spices
Ice Cream
including vanilla ice cream and cone
Cinnamon Bun 85g
Hot Dog
including hot dog and bun​
Veggie Hot Dog
Veggie hot dog with fried onion, pickled red cabbage and mustard.
Beef Roll
Flour, beef, onion, cheese and spices.
Cold Drink
Sparking fruit water with 50% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks.
Hot Drink
UTZ Certified Coffee.
Mini Roll Brown 40g
Garlic Flatbread 180g
Levain Pumpafrö 110g
Ostfranska 75g
Wienerpekan 98g
Baguette Garlic 175g
Greek Farmhouse Loaf 560g
Swedish Rye loaf 380g
Multiseed Roll 80g
Brown Roll 80g

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