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Xin Dian Store exclusive activities and features

Easy shopping on a rainy day!

The first MRT joint development IKEA store in Taiwan

Xin Dian Store is the first MRT joint development IKEA store in Taiwan. Let it rain, let it shine, Xin Dian Store is good for shopping either way. Furthermore, the store is near the Ankeng Interchange of National Highway No. 3, Provincial Highway 64, and Shuiyuan Expressway, which also has over 700 indoor parking spaces—more than any other stores in Taiwan—to guarantee easy access by car or by public transportation. 

*Want to busk at IKEA 4F entrance? We are recruiting street artists! No venue fee needed!
Please email us your performance introduction, video link, preferred performance dates, and contact details at Our co-workers will contact you directly. 

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KOL photography spot!

The one and only IKEA Café in Taiwan

IKEA Café is located next to the MRT Xiaobitan Station’s connecting passage. Besides desserts and salads, IKEA Café serves exclusive meals such as press grill panini with different toppings, and trendy nitro coffee and black tea. IKEA Café also introduces the use of paper straws as we want to make every little effort towards a substantial future!

*Working and dining at IKEA Café is easy since our seats are equipped with power sockets for your laptops.
*Bring your own travel mug and enjoy $5 off.
*IKEA Café wants to provide you with the best dining environment and service quality, hence we have a minimum consumption of $100 per person. No minimum consumption is required for kids at age 12 and under.

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The first chillaxing landscape IKEA Swedish restaurant in Taiwan!

Landscape IKEA Swedish restaurant

IKEA Xin Dian Store Swedish restaurant has large floor-to-ceiling windows for you to enjoy beautiful scenery, and specially designed family dining areas where kids can have fun in the circular play area and parents sit close by enjoying delicious meals with ease.

Besides serving IKEA’s classic meatballs, salmon, and kid’s meals, Xin Dian Store is also the only store in Taiwan that serves ribeye steaks—order-to-grill on a cast iron plate. Enjoy delicious meals with memorizing scenery—a treat for your appetite and eyes.

*From 5/3 on, Monday~Sunday serving hours: ​​​​​​10:00 – 21:00
*Other hot meals and main courses are served from 10:00 to 21:00.

See IKEA Swedish restaurant menu

Why do we have name tags on the black bar chairs?


For you to relax and kids to have fun!

IKEA Swedish restaurant family dining area

IKEA Xin Dian Swedish restaurant has a specially designed family dining area where parents can enjoy their meals while watching their kids have fun in the play area. Once the little ones burn off some energies, their favorite chicken tender kid’s meals ($80 per set) are waiting for them.

We offer baby food for kids under 2 years old, and we welcome you to utilize the microwaves, bottle warmers, children’s cutlery, and highchairs that we prepared for the family dining area.

*How to redeem baby food: Exclusive for IKEA members, with any purchase in the restaurant and a little one under 2 years old, you are eligible to redeem free baby food from our restaurant checkout counter co-workers. Each person per member card is limited to redeem baby food once per day.

Weekend fun activities with your little ones!

SMÅLAND the magical forest

IKEA Xin Dian Store was the only IKEA store in Northern Taiwan that imported—with its original packaging—the Scandanivian style children’s playroom SMÅLAND.

Kids can play hide-and-seek in the large wooden clogs, swim in the large ball pool filled with balls in the colors of blueberry and lingonberry, and where they can jump, climb, run and play balls in this magical forest as much as they like! Kids can also watch movies, read, or rest under the spruce tree. Our dedicated supervisory staff will look after your kids for them to have as much fun as they like while you shop at ease.

Småland can host a maximum of 30 kids at a time. Xin Dian Store implements for the first time a QR code queuing system for parents to check queuing progress using their smartphones in real-time.

*For children’s safety*
1. Open for kids who are 95 to 115 cm tall and between 3 and 7 years old.
2. Parents should present a valid ID (national ID card, NHI card or driver’s license).

Opening hours

*Weekday: Due to the current pandemic situation, the weekday is temporarily closed.
*Weekend: 12:00-20:00

*Due to the current pandemic situation, and in the effort to reduce the risks of children getting infected, the ball pool is temporarily closed. Please wear a mask when entering SMÅLAND. If the kid’s temperature is ≧37.5 degrees or not following the pandemic prevention regulations, our co-workers have the right to refuse admission. Please work with us to keep everyone safe.
*Weekend admission adapts fixed time slots with a play time of 50 minutes per kid. For weekend schedule, please →
See details

* See more family-friendly services

Take in the mesmerizing riverbank scenery!

The outdoor MRT east and west plazas

IKEA Xin Dian Store is comfortable and has a family-friendly shopping environment. Your new favorite family trip destination!

The 4F entrance and restaurant are connected to the MRT east and west plazas, where you can take in the mesmerizing riverbank scenery! Enjoy the 7000 ping skyway garden that leads to the Xindian Sunshine Sports Park where you can bond with nature.

For people who love to exercise in the park, whether you are visiting IKEA to recharge and rest a bit, or leaving IKEA to take a walk along the riverbank, you are in for a treat to enjoy some lovely time with your family.

* You can cycle from IKEA Xin Dian Store to the Sunshine Sports Park, or to the Bitan Scenic Area and Wulai tourist spots. A new way to enjoy a New Taipei City day trip.