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IKEA TaiChung Local Sustainable Actions

Healthy and Sustainable Living

Electricity Saving 

LED bulbs can save up to 85% of electricity compared to traditional bulbs and have a lifespan of up to 20 years longer.  Not only will it save your wallet, but it will also help protect the environment. 
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♻ What have IKEA Taichung done in Electricity Saving?
🌏 Completely replaced LED bulbs. 
🌏 Escalator start and stop automatic control system. 
🌏 Air-condition pump converson system.
🌏 Vehile indentification system in parking lot. 

Water Saving 

Don’t let your money wash away with water. Using a water-saving faucet/ shower head could save 30% of water than ordinary one.
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♻ What have IKEA Taichung done in Water Saving?
🌏 Rainwater recycling irrigation system, reusing recycled rainwater for the green landscape. 
🌏 All toilets are equipped with water-saving labels.


Recycling is an environmentally friendly endeavor that everyone can easily participate in. If everyone does a good job, we can preserve more natural resources for the next generation.  
♻ IKEA Taichung recycling service station is located in front of the customer service counter on the 2nd floor. It provides newspapers/used batteries/light bulb recycling services. Welcome to use it.

Eat Healthy and Environmental Friendly  

Adhering to careful selection of ingredients that meet environmental and social responsibility standards and have passed certification, IKEA 's plant-based meatballs produce only 4% of the carbon footprint. We also use cage-free eggs and seafoods are sourced from MSC ( Marine Stewardship Council ) Catch from certified fisheries provide delicious, sustainable and nutritionally balanced food.  

Circular Economy and Becoming Climate Positive

Green/ Renewable Energy Equipment  

IKEA Taichung is equipped with 783 pcs/310W solar panels on the top floor . The total power generation in 2022 was 314,568 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 155,711 kilograms per year, which is equivalent to providing the electricity consumption of 900 household in one month.  
♻ Part of the electricity generated by the solar panels is used in the store.

Energy-Saving Hardware  

Established in Taichung for ten years, IKEA strive to continue to contribute to environmental sustainability!  
♻ Total green area is ​​9,582 square meters.
♻ Solar panels accounts for 3% of the Taichung store’s electricity consumption.
♻ Rainwater recycling and irrigation system, diversion of rainwater and sewage, symbiotic with the environment.
♻ Use low-emissivity glass to reduce heat conduction while providing good lighting.

Recycling Service Station  

In order to implement the concept of being friendly to the environment, the recycling service station provides newspapers , used batteries , and light bulbs for recycling. There are also provide second-hand shopping bags, protective packaging materials after the cartons have been processed for the customers.  
♻ Bring 1 kilogram of newspapers, could redeem an ice cream voucher for free.

More Circular Services  

In addition to manufacturing products based on the concept of circular design, IKEA Taichung also sell products which are slightly damaged in the packaging or can still be used after repair, effectively recycling and prolonging the life of the products.  
♻ IKEA Taichung AS-IS area is located nearby checkout counter on the 2nd floor.

Fair & Equal

Caring for People  

IKEA Taichung values ​​employees and strives to create a friendly and integrated workplace, including hiring employees with disabilities and middle-aged co-workers. From the recruitment mechanism, workplace environment planning, job content and career development, every aspect is considered with employees as the starting point. Strive to create a friendly workplace environment!  

💡 Outstanding Employer Award for Disabled 

Community Engagement 

Have long-term cooperation with “Taiwan Guide Dog Association” to enhance public awareness of guide dogs and support their right entry into public spaces.  IKEA Taichung also cooperates with the “Maria Social Welfare Foundation” and “Child Welfare League Foundation”, to call on the public to donate a certain amount of furniture to improve the public space for the vulnerable groups.  

Advocate Charity  

Cooperate with the Taichung City Blood Donation Center and local hospitals to jointly promote blood donation and cancer screening.   

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