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Kao Hsiung Store opening hours and services

*Important announcement: During the epidemic period, please refer to shop online as your preference. Every customer is encouraged to download 「Taiwan Social Distancing 」App before entering to the store. In accordance with the government's epidemic prevention regulations, it is required to have the temperature screening, eating and/or drinking is not allowed in the store, only take-out orders are available at our Bistro area. Meanwhile, to reduce the risk of children's infections, the ball pool has not been opened yet. Children who enter the play room must wear masks throughout the process. All customers must maintain 2 meters of social distance from other while shopping or queuing for checkout. The deployment of crown control and disinfection against Covid-19 are implement due to prevention actions. Please wear a face mask and use the rain covers on the strollers for young children, while shopping at IKEA. Customers with a body temperature ≥37.5℃ or without a face mask will be denied entry. Please note that not wearing a face mask violates the Law of Epidemic Disease Prevention and Control and may result in a fine of $3,000-$15,000. IKEA Kao Hsiung Store is working on keeping everyone safe.​

General information

Address: No. 1201, Zhonghua 5th Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City
*You may arrange your shopping route through store map→
Customer service direct line: 412-8869 press 5 for Kao Hsiung Store
(for mobile phone users, please add area code 02 in the front)
**Customer service phone support operating hours: 09:30 - 18:30


Opening hours

Do not allow to consume any food or beverage in store.
IKEA Swedish restaurant    
Serving breakfast during 10:00-11:00 from 7/1,please refer to the restaurant announcement for details.
Want to eat at home? you can order Uber eats during 11:00-18:00!→
Want to order online and pick it up by yourself? no problem! →
Children's playroom
Monday to Friday:12:00~20:00
Saturday, Sunday and national holidays:11:00~21:00
In response to government’s regulations, the opening hours will be as following from today. Monday to Friday:14:00~18:00 Saturday, Sunday and national holidays:12:00~20:00 ●Children entering the venue must cooperate with taking body temperature and wearing a mask. ●The children’s playroom will be fully disinfected at 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00 every day. ●Please refer to the children’s playroom announcement for details.

IKEA for Business

As-Is section
70% discount→

E-mail order

What if you like IKEA products but are afraid of the shopping crowd? Now you can easily bring many of our home furnishings without going out by utilizing our E-mail order service. All you need to do is fill out the following order form and e-mail to After receiving the order, we will contact you by phone within 3 working days (excluding holidays) to confirm your purchased items, total amount, payment method, delivery time and address (food can only be picked up in the store).

IKEA Kao Hsiung Store E-mail order form

Interior design service

Want to get your ideas from paper to reality? Yes, we are happy to help! The service charges you 15% of original product prices with experts who offer you solutions tailored to space measurement, layout design, pick-up, delivery, assembly and more about “zero-renovation” planning tasks.Book now
● Offer one-stop service to help you complete design, purchase、delivery and assembly works.
● Offer free to experience all the furniture in store.
● Control your budget easily with transparent pricing.
● Solutions tailored to each space to fit your preferences.
● Short construction period, low noise and no dust.

2F express checkout counter

We offer a faster and better shopping experience for you to bring beautiful home furnishings with ease. You can figuratively cut the line by going to the second floor express checkout counters that we set up next to the escalator/children’s playroom.
Important notice:
●Opening hours for the express checkout counter: 11:00- 20:00
●Express checkout service is designated for those who have less than 15 items to check out.
●IKEA reserves the right to modify and cancel this service.

1F Self check-out

We offer a faster and more convenient checkout method for small purchases that saves you the trouble of waiting in a long line. The self-checkout counters are set up in the checkout area on the 1F for you to buy easily, check out quickly, and enjoy the perfect shopping experience instantly!
Important notice:
●Self-checkout counters are available only for purchases of 20 products or less, each of which shall not exceed $3,000.
●Only payment by contactless credit cards is accepted.
●Not available for IKEA Business Card members or issuance of uniform invoices.
●Not available for order forms.


Take the KMRT Red Line to [R7 Shihjia Station], turn left from Exit 4 to Fuxing 3rd Road and walk for an estimated 5 minutes.
By Light Rail
Take the Light Rail to [C7 Software Technology Park Station], walk along Fuxing 3rd Road for an estimated 3 minutes.
By bus
[Station name: Fuxing Road Intersection]
36 (Qianzhen Station-Kaohsiung Main Station)
70 (Qianzhen Station-Chang Gung Memorial Hospital)
214 (Siaogang Station-Kaohsiung Museum of History)
205 Jhonghua Main Line (Jiachang Station-Dream Mall Station)
214 (Siaogang Station-Kaohsiung Museum of History)
Red16 (Software Technology Park-KMRT Sanduo Shopping District Station)
[Station name: Labor Park (KMRT Shihjia Station)]
12 (Siaogang Station-Kaohsiung Main Station)
69 (Siaogang Station-Kaohsiung Main Station)
72 (Jinshih Lake Station-Chung-Cheng Industrial High School)

Parking lot information

Opening hours:10:00-22:00 

To elevate our service quality, we apply the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System now.
Validate your purchase invoice on the day of $500 to get one hour of free parking.
On weekdays, parking is free for the first hour. After that, the car parking rate is $20 per 30 minutes (first-hour-free is not applicable on national holidays)

IKEA pets-friendly policy

We know pets are family, and that’s why IKEA stores welcome you, your family, and family pets (including assistance animals) with open arms! But please observe the following important notices:
● When you bring your family pet to our store (excluding Swedish restaurant, Swedish food market and Bistro), please carry them in a pet carrier, a pet travel bag or a pet trolley (calculated by carrier size, excluding frames and wheels) no larger than L55 cm x W45 cm x H40 cm, or in a small container, and close securely to prevent wastes or water spilling out. Please keep your lovely pet inside the carrier/trolley/travel bag and avoid exposing the pet's head, tail, or paws. (These terms don’t apply to police dogs on duty, guide dogs, or guide dog puppies in training accompanied by professional raisers).
● Pets include dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits, or other animals, as we agreed, that are not harmful to public safety, public hygiene, public tranquility, and have no peculiar smell.
● We don’t provide temporary care for your pets.
● IKEA reserves the right to interpret and modify the above service terms.
● For more details, please check with our co-workers in-store or call us.

More friendly facilities in store

Family-friendly facilities
-Parent & Child parking bays: B2, B1
-Children’s Playroom: 2F
-Family-friendly toilets: B2, B1, near the entrance on the 1F, and IKEA Swedish restaurant on the 3F
-Nursing rooms: Near the entrance on the 1F

Disabled parking bays
-Disabled parking bays: B2, B1
-Wheelchair service: Near the entrance on the 1F

3F IKEA Swedish restaurant offers Kids meals and baby food. We also prepared microwaves, bottler warmers, baby's bibs, children's cutlery and highchairs in our dining area. We have free diapers available at the customer service counter near the entrance on the 1F and IKEA Swedish restaurant on the 3F. Please check with our co-workers in-store for details. There are many children’s playing facilities in different store areas, so you can bring your little ones along on every shopping trip.

Holiday market

Attention market stall trader!
The venue has only accessed for market stalls, all traders are responsible for the conduct provided by stall organizer and that of anyone working at all times while they are on the Market. IKEA Kao Hsiung store neither gets involved in organizing stall, nor stands by any business activity、food safety and trademark infringement issue made from a stall on the Market. Any disputes caused by market are on stall’s own responsibility.

Interest free instalment

We offer an interest free installment payment plan with a single purchase of home furnishings in a designated amount.
Learn more

Sewing service

Temporarily out of service
We offer the alteration service for your ready-made curtains.
Learn more

Kitchen/bathroom installation service

Arrange a complete kitchen/bathroom installation service for you.
Learn more

Assembly service

Let us help you to assemble the furniture to save your valuable time
*Wearing mask throughout service.
Learn more