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Kao Hsiung Store IKEA for Business

IKEA for Business assisted shopping

Do you need a bulk buy of furniture or purchase for business premises?
We offer a hassle-free single contact window. Bring your shopping list to Kao Hsiung Store for your IKEA for Business specialist to assist you with one-stop service, from picking up your purchases to arranging delivery and installation—all you need to do is pay a reasonable service fee and let our experts handle all the tasks. You can save time and money with IKEA for Business, as well as enjoy easy shopping.
Please e-mail or call 07-5377688 press 6168 to contact us

E-mail order

What if you like IKEA products, but it’s not convenient to come and purchase them in the store? We provide an E-mail order service. You can use the【Shopping list】function to add your favorite products, then print out the list together with the following order form, e-mail them to After receiving the order, we will contact you by phone within 3 working days (excluding holidays) to confirm your purchased items, total amount, payment method, delivery time and address.
IKEA Kao Hsiung Store E-Mail order form



Planning office? Store opening?
Our IKEA for Business team in the Kao Hsiung Store provides professional consulting services. Our experts can help you complete all the tasks such as the measurement, drawing, ordering, delivery and assembly, and assist you in getting the checkout done quickly to save your valuable time!
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1.How can I find IKEA for Business service counter?
Our IKEA for Business section in the Kao Hsiung Store is close to express checkout counter/children's playroom on the 2F. The operating hours are 10:00 - 20:00.  
2. Do you provide decoration and repair engineering services?
Sorry, we do not offer decoration and repair engineering services and Installation of non-IKEA products
3. Do you charge for the design services?
You can find more details here, or e-mail to or call 07-5377688 press 6168 to contact us.
4. Can you help me get the goods off the shelves?
We provide personal shopper service. You can enjoy easy shopping without light or heavy lifting at a reasonable price.
5. How to book the IKEA for Business consultation?
E-mail to or call 07-5377688 press 6168 to contact us.