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Hsin Chuang Store Local Sustainable Actions

Healthy and Sustainable Living

Save on Electricity
LED light bulbs use up to 85% less electricity compared to traditional light bulbs and can last for up to 20 years. They are not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly, helping to care for the planet.
Save Water
Don't let your hard-earned money go down the drain. Using a water-saving and energy-efficient showerhead can reduce water usage and electricity consumption by 30% compared to a standard showerhead.

Waste Sorting and Resource Recycling
Recycling is an easy way for everyone to participate in environmental conservation. Recycled paper, plastic, and metals can be reused, reducing the need to extract more resources. If everyone does their part, we can preserve more natural resources for the next generation.
♻ In Hsin Chuang store, you can find a recycling service station located in front of the 1st floor customer service counter. We provide recycling services for old newspapers, used batteries, and light bulbs. Please feel free to make use of these services.
Eating Healthily and Sustainably
We prioritize selecting ingredients that meet environmental and social responsibility standards and are certified. IKEA's plant-based meatballs, for example, have a carbon footprint that's only 4% of that of traditional Swedish meatballs. We also use cage-free eggs and source seafood from fisheries certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). This ensures we offer delicious, sustainable, and nutritionally balanced food.

Circular Economy and Becoming Climate Positive

Investing in renewable energy

 We have committed to own and operate 416 wind turbines and have installed around 900,000 solar panels on our stores and other buildings. In FY17, we generated renewable energy equivalent to 73% of the energy we used across our operations. In addition, in June 2023, the newly completed IKEA Hsin Chuang store installed 2,500 solar panels, resulting in a total annual carbon reduction of 4,421 tons, which is equivalent to nearly 12 Daan Forest Parks.

Cot/Diaper Changing Table Buyback Program 

Is your little one at home all grown up and no longer in need of a diaper changing table? To ease your burden and reduce resource waste, we offer a diaper changing table buyback service.

Recycling Service Station

In line with our commitment to an eco-friendly environment, the recycling service station on the 1st floor of Hsin Chuang store offers recycling for old newspapers, used batteries, and light bulbs. Additionally, there are second-hand shopping bags, old cardboard boxes, and cushioning packaging materials made from shredded cardboard boxes that the public can take for reuse, helping you save money while being environmentally conscious. ♻ Get involved in recycling and enjoy some good food! Bring one kilogram of old newspapers, and you can receive an ice cream voucher at the customer service counter.
More Recycling Services

In addition to manufacturing products with a focus on sustainable design, the Taichung store offers discounted clearance prices for products with slightly damaged or repaired packaging that are still usable in-store. This promotes effective recycling and reuse while extending the lifespan of these products.

♻ Hsin Chuang store AS-IS area is in front of the checkout counter on the 1st floor.
Spare part service

Fair & Equal

People-Centered Approach

Hsin Chuang store places a strong emphasis on its employees and strives to create a friendly and inclusive work environment. This includes hiring employees with disabilities and older workers.
At every step, from the hiring process to workplace planning, job responsibilities, and career development, the well-being and needs of our employees are the primary consideration. Our goal is to create a workplace that is truly employee-friendly!
Local Care

IKEA Hsin Chuang store has invited the preschoolers from Xin Yu Kindergarten to participate in an engaging and lively workshop where they can learn about proper resource sorting and energy-saving and carbon reduction tips. This helps each child become an environmental steward, spreading the right knowledge together.
Public Welfare Advocacy

During the pandemic, in line with vaccination policies, IKEA New Taipei City store has established a mobile vaccination station to encourage employees and the general public to participate, raising awareness of personal health.
Low-Income Household Assistance

By replacing energy-consuming devices in the homes of low and middle-income households, we aim to promote environmental education and disaster reduction knowledge. Our goal is to achieve sustainable energy transformation, reduce energy poverty, and support vulnerable children.

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