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Ocean is My Home | Exhibition Concept




"I have the value that you haven’t noticed. After being tossed, there are some people make a second life for me. I am no longer just a piece of plastic in the garbage dump, instead, I become the decoration in the human’s house that makes the bleak corner more colorful."

The entrance display is made from the buoys on waste fishing nets. All the buoys were picked from Badouzi Fishing Harbor in Keelung. You can see the traces of erosion by the sea on the buoys, and there are some barnacle shell plates attached to the buoy if you observe carefully. Just like the buoys, the waste objects can also become beautiful things through creativity and remodeling!



"The teddy bear you hold in your arm, gave you warmth every night. One day you grow up, you don't need him anymore, and his face become blurry gradually. However, the teddy bear not only make you laugh and bring joys, but also carry your cherished memory him."

Do you know what the ocean looks like nowaday? There are a lot of plastic toys and daily necessaries floating on the ocean. Have you also found those familiar odjects in the exhibition? Let us implement plastic reduction in the daily life, don’t let the plastic products get into the ocean anymore.



"Don't know since when I start to eat foods that are hard to swallow. They taste no flavor and are also very hard to chew. Even though my stomach has become bigger and bigger, I still don't feel full. Do you think I get ill?"

Do you know when plastic debris flows into the ocean, it will easily be eaten by the marine animal? When plastic debris and microplastics go into marine animals' bodies, it will make them sick, and dead, or may accumulate in humans' bodies by eating seafood. If one day your foods on the table are all made from plastic, what would you do?



"We are marine debris that has always been ignored by humans. We have been tossed in the ocean and started floating with no purpose. Until one day, humans found our value again, and let us become the important friends of their children. Now we become the sunshine and fetters in their life!"

The message behind BLÅVINGAD comes to life through the products that take small but significant steps to be more sustainable. A number of the products contain recycled polyester made from ocean- bound plastic (OBP) picked up from areas up to 50 km inland from our coastlines. 

In this exhibition area, you can see many marine animals are entangled with the fishing nets, which symbolizing the damage of marine life by discarded artificial fishing gear in the sea. At the same time, we also use marine waste and plastic products to craft the marine animals, and through creativity, once again gave these wastes new life and value!


Taiwan is an island country surrounded by the ocean with rich marine ecology. People in Taiwan are always full of curiosity and yearning for the ocean. However, the impact of waste pollution and climate change has caused the marine ecology to become a gradually catastrophe. As the citizens of the island country, how can we protect the ocean and save marine lives?

Taiwan, located at the pivot point in east Asia, our international seaports are an important trade and business hub. However, how to build a green harbor to reduce marine pollution is also one of Taiwan's major sustainable challenges! While promoting the development of marine fishery and shipping economy, how can we maintain the marine ecology of the harbor through our own actions?

Building sand castles on the beach is a childhood memory of many children. However, as the amount of garbage increases year by year, the beach is not as white and clean as it used to be. In order to leave the next generation a beautiful beach and create unforgettable memories together, what action can we do in our daily life to protect the beach and the ocean?

Due to the overexploitation, the beautiful ocean has been destroyed and gradually depleted. In recent years, impact of marine debris has become a major marine environmental conservation issue. On 3rd October, 109 IKEA co-workers went to Keelung Chaojing Park to clean up the beach and build up a marine debris house with these marine waste. 

From 27th October to 27th November, you are welcome to visit IKEA TAIPEI stores (Hsin Chuang Store, Xin Dian Store, Nei Hu Store, Taipei City Shop Arena) to look around the exhibition. Take the waste reduction challenge together, you may win the prize of North Coast One-Day trip!

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