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The modern functional kitchen for your active modern life

We’ve created this modern kitchen for a smaller living space, with a collaboration of dark colours, warmth and graphic patterns making it perfect for everything from daily kitchen activities to hobbies. The kitchen is clean and clutter-free, minimalist yet super functional, with plenty of storage, a natural feel and great use of space.

A light and natural kitchen sink area to make kitchen work a pleasure

Lots of plants and glass vases for flower arranging in the corner of this kitchen. And the natural light from the window balances the darker colours and warmth of the laminate walnut effect worktops and wooden window frames together with the graphic patterns of the wall tiling.

Closed storage you can open up for exhibition

The mixture of functionality and personal style is evident when you look at how we’ve created our storage options. Roll-top storage gives you the choice of stowing away or proud display, as do the glass doors. Space for daily appliances, and a visible home for wine glasses, plates and vases.

Pull-out storage you can use however you choose

This pull-out pantry puts everything within arm’s reach. From cans and jars to boxes of food, even tools for your hobbies. It’s a pantry one minute and your personal hobby closet the next. The handy worktop doubles for food preparation area and somewhere to write, arrange flowers or create new things.

Clever kitchen functionality and great use of space

We present your very own dining and activity area, a good place to use your tablet or get down to your hobbies after eating a quick lunch or enjoying a nice evening meal. It’s a clean, clutter-free space that becomes whatever you need it to be. Plenty of light from the window, or lamplight when it’s dark.

Enjoy a modern functional kitchen for an active everyday

Get all the products you need to create your clean and clutter-free kitchen space for cooking, eating, hobbies and more.

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