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The dream of a beach house in grey and beige tones

Whether your living room is high in a skyscraper or somewhere near an actual ocean, a breezy, beachy spirit is an easy refresh. The look is traditional and serene, inspired by the organic seaside, but with a laid-back feeling where you can be fully yourself, even eat by the sofa since it has such a good machine washable cover.

Neutral palette and texture for an oceanfront feeling

Rattan, wood, seaweed textures, and neutral tones such as white and beige are characteristic to create that free and happy beachy feel. A linen curtain filters light beautifully, while a solid pine coffee table and grey floor lamp work perfectly with almost any style.

Soften the line between outside and in

Form your own comfort cocoon with a nice long lounge area and a high plant that feels like a tree. The greenery creates calm and even some seclusion within the room. Add some pillows – or many – and you have a lazy spot to spend all day.

A cool storage and display combo that feels like a big hug

The simple white theme that run through the cabinets, wall shelves, trolley and more ensures a light-filled space and creates a beautiful contrast to the natural wood and rattan structure. The closed storage units keep clutter out of sight (and out of mind), while artful wall decoration makes the TV blend in.

Breathe summer onto the walls, too

Instant refresh with a coastal touch

It doesn’t get beachier than a few flowers or branches from your nearest garden, curated as a small still life. Use vases in old-fashioned glass in different sizes for a timeless and elegant touch to your display. You can even put small branches in a tea light holder for a cute look.

A versatile grey sofa for living room sleepovers

Let your guests settle in to a fresh and laid-back atmosphere by adding white spotlights for instant bedside lamps and a white coffee table as nightstand. Block-out blinds darken the room while a little beauty refresh with soft textiles can change everything from sofa to spacious bed.

Green plants are summery magic in a living room

A white pot with a sense of craftmanship and a fresh green plant are a great match in all its simplicity - especially if you like Scandinavian country style. Stoneware is a natural material that is very grounding, and nothing makes a space feel more relaxed than sprouting greenery.

Feeling right at home with warm colours and simple patterns

In this space, we’ve put together two beds painted in white as low and cosy sofas for plenty of extra seating and generous space for overnight guests. Complete with earthy and warm cushions and textiles. Tables, lamps and details on the wall coordinate to play into that effortless just-got-off-the-beach vibe.

Sophisticated but not too serious

Blending minimalistic lines, rattan details and crafted traditional solitaire pieces is one of the main features to get that personal cosy Scandi look. The wooden cabinet has an expressive dark blue that resembles a blue ocean, and air around the furniture allows harmony to speak. Mix in what makes you happy.

A beach-ified living room leans toward the easy and the natural

Inspired by the seaside? Here’s a living room to create many memories in. The style is warm and inviting yet clean and simple. Plenty of natural materials such as rattan chair, natural fibre rug, linen curtain, glass and wood makes it perfect for hanging out. White accents and plants create an instant refresh.

Recreate the look piece by piece

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