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Planning your patio and choosing outdoor furniture

When planning your outdoor area, it can be a good idea to divide it into more than one space. Maximising the use comes with choosing furniture that allows as much flexibility as possible. This way, your space is easier to adapt to different activities and all kinds of social gatherings.

Defining a clear dining area

A parasol over the dining area ties together your dining set nicely. Of course, it provides pleasant shade when the sun is out – but it’s also quite nice leaving it up after sundown for a canopy over your heads creating a cosy vibe.

Seating for more than eating

Multi-use furniture is always a good choice for your outdoor area as they set you up for more than just one activity. This reclining chair works just as well for dining as for relaxing or sunbathing. It’s foldable for easy storage too.

Using plants as dividers

High plants in large pots are a smart way to divide your patio into rooms with clear separation. This makes it easier to have more than one thing going on at once – which is ideal for parties, for instance. The greenery also helps create a nice, lush atmosphere.

Customised lounge set

Arrange and rearrange things to suit your patio perfectly. This outdoor sofa section lets you make a sofa any shape and size you want, as well as matching stand-alone easy chairs. Remove the backrest and it’s a footstool. Remove the cushion and it’s a side table.

The handy bonus bench

A bench is always useful to have around in your outdoor space. It’s perfect when you need extra seating for guests. Awaiting that, it makes a lovely flower bench that’s great for hiding storage under as well.

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