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Dream kitchen island ideas for any space

Whether your kitchen is big or small, a kitchen island is a great way to add both style and function. It means extra storage and more workspace, but above all, it's a welcoming place for hanging out. And there's a stylish solution for every taste and budget that will fit right into to the heart of your home.

Do I have room for a kitchen island? Yes, you do!

A kitchen island is ideal, particularly if your space is small. Shelves, and maybe even a rail above it, provide easy access to your kitchen utensils. Let family and friends help with food preparations — the bar stools invite company and can easily be pushed under the worktop if you need more floor space.

A kitchen island or a kitchen peninsula?

Choose a kitchen peninsula if you want to fully integrate the worktop with the rest of your kitchen and create the perfect place for guests and family members to hang out or to help with food preparations. Glass doors with inside lighting are a fun addition to make your favourite kitchenware stand out.

Create a good mood with these kitchen island lighting ideas

Like company? Give your kitchen an inviting atmosphere with great lighting. Big statement pendant lamps above a customized island set the style. Together with smaller spotlights, they provide sufficient light for all kinds of activities. Match the island fronts with the cabinets for a truly elegant look.

A quick solution that looks great

If you prefer something simpler than a traditional kitchen island, go for a stylish trolley (or two). In an instant, you have created a new place in the middle of your kitchen where you can enjoy a break or prepare your meals. If space is scarce, park the trolley against the wall and wheel it out when needed.

Clever kitchen island ideas on a budget

Don’t let the sleek design fool you — this four-castor-trolley (or let's call it a kitchen island on wheels) features a robust black steel frame that withstands moisture and heavy loads. Use it by itself, or put two trolleys together for more storage and an even bigger workspace, exactly where you want it.

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