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Home 3 | Creating calm and order in a family home

Many homes have their high traffic areas and for this family of six, it’s no different. From getting everyone out of the house in the morning, to bathed and ready for bed at night, they’ve decluttered and organised the busiest parts of their home to make life easier for everyone.

A decluttered hallway for easy exits

They may get home at different times, but every day the school and work rush happen all at once. They avoid the scramble by dividing storage in the hallway. Everyone has their own designated shoe space and spot on the coat racks, meaning when it’s time to head off, it’s just a matter of grabbing and going.

A mudroom to make life easier

Their mudroom is a hyper practical space, designed for all the sopping raincoats and muddy wellingtons one family can produce. Under the shoe racks, trays protect the floor from damp and by placing hooks at different heights, they’ve made it easy for everyone to hang their coats, big or small.

No matter the weather

Hot and sunny or chilly as can be, there is space for it all in here. A corner is dedicated to sports with rackets hanging from rails and a bin keeping all their balls in one place. Bulkier outwear lives in a sizable wardrobe, ready for the colder months without taking up space in their personal storage.

A shipshape bathroom to share

With all four kids sharing this bathroom, order is a necessity. The teens take up most of the time and space, with shelves dedicated to their individual, ever- growing product collections. For the toddlers, things are much simpler, with shared bath time made even more fun with bath time toys.

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