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A small wood-and-greenery balcony with room for both laundry and leisure

Imagine an outside spot that’s perfectly organised for doing laundry, yet also offers the right space and mood to sit down for relaxed gossip. Voilà, here’s that place.

Warm wood tones and a snack in the shade

When the season’s right, be sure to have some festive but functional glassware and a tray at the ready. Also, leafy plants and wood help in making the moment special. Now your balcony is set to be your personal VIP lounge for invigorating breathers and soaking up the sun.

Mood-setting wooden stools on the side

With a few extra foldaway seats accessibly close, you can easily accommodate guests when needed. When not used as seating, they double as decorative panels, strengthening the natural-material feel and connecting with the wooden floor tiles.

The fresh scent of organised laundry

How to make relaxing breaks feel even better? By putting in some honest work in-between! A section of the balcony is devoted to space-efficient, easy-to-organise units for handling and storing garments and laundry accessories. That said, mixing in a few coordinated pops of green won’t hurt.

Slatted wood and personal space

Here, a privacy screen becomes a flexible divider, sectioning off room for snacks and a drink, socialising in the shade of the parasol, and similar quality time – even as you’re doing laundry two steps away. Talk about cosy compartmentalisation!

A natural theme for a relaxing outdoor spot

Echoed by the table, seating and decking, the mood is set by semi-dark, slatted wood. Lots of plants, real and artificial, add to the feel of a personal oasis, while light textiles complement and connect with the whites of the laundry corner. Have a seat, if you will.

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