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A large nature-inspired kids room with lots of storage

A big open space is divided into zones and transformed into a functional and calm environment for a small child and baby. The Scandinavian nature look is complemented with muted tones and blond wood that’s easy on the eye for the parents, but also full of pedagogical features that enhance comfort and creativity for the little ones.

The next best place to sleep (after your parents)

No-one sleeps better than a parent who is rest assured that their children are happy and peaceful. This low child’s bed ensures your little one has a calm and comfortable night’s sleep, so you do too. The bed also turns into a high bunk when your child gets older, now with space underneath to put their stuff.

Indulge your budding Picasso

Give your little artists’ a special place to create with a drawing station with a small stool and lamp. An easy-to-maintain area with racks on the wall for art books or paintings and trays for pens in the table. Use the wall to display their masterpieces and you’ll even save valuable space on the fridge.

Tools to express themselves

Cosy corner to make memories together

Having a soft and cosy place on the floor is great for snuggles, building a fort, or reading the little ones’ stories. Let babies hear the soothing voice of their parent too by placing them on soft cushions on the floor or in a bassinet nearby. Peace of mind for both grown-up and babies.

Peace and harmony on the outside

Maximise the storage opportunities of the room by building cabinets high up on the walls to put stuff that you don’t use all the time. Use modern plain cabinets for a harmonious clean aesthetic and store bits and bobs, like toys and clothing, then add boxes and inserts to keep it all organised.

Mess gone in seconds

Make tidy-up quick and easy by putting smaller items into boxes inside drawers and cupboards. Let the kids find what they want easily with inserts that divide drawers into separated areas for pencils, crayons, stuffed animals or small toys.

Everything for baby all in one place

Keep baby feeling calm, comfortable and cared-for with a baby changing station where everything is in one easy-to-reach place. This one has hooks to hang linen or bags, a bin for rubbish, and a changing table with storage for nappies and clothing. And as it turns into a chest of drawers you can keep it when your baby grows.

Add playful elements

By painting mismatched blocks of green onto the plywood walls, you can add some nature colours to the area, as well as bringing an element of fun to the space. Big green canopy leaves add a playful take on the nature theme as well as creating a cosy area to relax underneath.

Re-create the look piece by piece

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