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A fun, colourful room that’s organised to suit kids

Welcome to a modern-style room full of bright colours, geometric shapes and strong patterns – all in harmony. It’s a fun place where kids can do somersaults one minute and the next they can quietly read or paint. Plus, there’s easy to use storage that helps them look after their things themselves.

A reading corner with the books close at hand

Here’s a nice nook where kids can read with their parents or on their own. There’s tidy, easy to get at storage for books, toys and clothes. The white walls provide a blank canvas, with the cushion covers, the soft gym mat and the knob rack adding colour to suit the style of the room.

An eye-catching way to help your kids get organised

Storage like this at the right height for them means kids can see and reach their things by themselves. And its big, bold stripes and round handles are examples of the strong, geometric shapes that create playfulness and inspire the imagination in this room.

Help them dress themselves and take care of their things

A colourful spot for painting and more

Pegboards, plus some stools and a spacious table in colours perfect for the style of the room, form a zone for activities like drawing. With an area just for this, tidying up can wait when the kids move on to something else. The pegboards are placed so kids can reach their materials and display their art themselves.

A soft mat that’s ready for anything

Kids can change from active play to having a quiet moment in an instant. With this folding gym mat, your little athlete can crawl under a hurdle in an obstacle course one minute and then sit down and read a book the next.

Lots of colourful friends who love being hugged!

Space for storage in a cosy spot for dreams

This shelf unit makes it easy to access bedtime books and more and it’s a great place for a night light. The bed has space underneath for storage boxes, and bed linen on top with a bold pattern that enhances the fun, colourful style of the room.

A friendly bear to brighten up the night

This friendly night light is great at creating a cosy atmosphere and scaring away monsters. It shines in five different colours that all help kids relax and fall asleep calmly. It even has a timer that can switch it off automatically.

Organisation and fun in happy harmony

Full of colour, geometric shapes and strong patterns, this room is also neat and organised, with storage at the right height that helps kids take care of their own stuff. It’s a place for everything from reading to doing an obstacle course to falling asleep after a bedtime story at the end of a happy day.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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