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IKEA for Business solutions

C'est si bon Select Shop

Industry: Retail industry
Floorspace: 58 ping
Budget: NTD$820,000

C'est si bon had moved around several times. The last old apartment we resided at was nearby the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, which no longer fit our needs, so we decided to find a new place to continue our works. Then, we heard that there’s a recently renovated house in the alley next to the Shuiyuan Market in Gongguan. With friendly neighbors and a landlord who is fond of C'est si bon, it felt like destiny was calling, so we rented the house that’s really much bigger than what we had in mind. 4 years after our first issue and with a whole lot of passionate energy, we started to think what else we can do in this space besides publishing magazines?

At the right time and the right place, the idea of C'est si bon Select Shop and Café starts forming, but it’s also a new challenge for us. In the process of interior planning, we had a lot of imaginations and expectations for our new base. However, in reality, woodworks already ate up half of the budget, and we were no experts in interior planning, hence, what we had in mind wasn't put in practice accurately. With this setback, we had to postpone the plan. Then, we found IKEA for Business service. IKEA inspires people to be their own master in life, and to create a living environment that suits one's heart, which is exactly the inspiration that C'est si bon wants to deliver—we value every little detail in life. Once IKEA for Business joined the project, we were able to work together and solved the issues of limited budget and interior planning's setback. IKEA for Business is our partner that helps make our dreams come true.

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