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IB Giftcard

IKEA for Business Member Bulk Purchase Offer

The perfect gift for employees and clients!

IKEA for Business members can earn over 3% extra rebate upon a single deposit of NT$300,000 or above (values can be deposited to multiple IKEA gift cards). Enjoy up to 10% rebate.
The more you deposit, the higher the rebate!

*Example: IKEA for Business members can enjoy a 5% rebate upon a single purchase of NT$1,000,000 IKEA gift card(s) through IKEA for Business. In this case you pay NT$950,000 and you will receive IKEA gift card(s) with a value of NT$1,000,000. 


For more details, please talk to our IKEA for Business in-store service specialists or call our customer service hotline 412-8869 (02- 412-8869 for mobile users), select the store, then press 8.

● Gift cards can be used in all stores in Taiwan (including the Hsinchu Pick-up and Order Point). When using the gift card to check out you can chose to use the gift card value to pay for all goods or for part of the goods. Gift cards cannot be used for online purchases. ● The minimum deposit value for each gift card is at least NT$1,000.● The Gift Card can be topped up at all IKEA Taiwan stores' f product checkout counters, excluding the Swedish restaurants and the delivery/assembly checkout counters.● When gift cards are issued a balance slip will be provided. When gift cards are used to make a purchase a receipt will be issued. ● A single gift card can be used repeatedly by depositing additional money on the gift card. Deposited value cannot be exchanged for cash and gift card balance cannot be transferred to other gift cards.● For balance enquiries please contact the Customer Service hotline at (02) 412-8869 or visit the customer service desk in the store.● If a refund is required for the goods purchased with a gift card, the refund will be made to the original gift card.● The deposited value of the gift card is guaranteed by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (Taiwan) for one year from the date of issue. ● IKEA reserves the right to modify and terminate the service terms of the IKEA gift card at any time.

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