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Cooking healthy meals and snacks is easier than you think

Most people would like to eat a bit healthier, but in a world of endless easy options the less healthy alternatives often win out. But with the right appliances and utensils, preparing healthier meals is not only easier but will also save you time and money.

Fast food can be good for you

A handful of freshly sliced vegetables is just as delicious as a handful of processed snacks, and is usually better for you to boot. However, people often go for the packaged snacks just because they’re convenient. With a mandolin, preparing healthy snacks is almost as easy as opening a packet. And a lot more fun.

The right tools for the job

With the right basic tools like a chopping board and a sharp knife, everyday food prep is easier – and can even be fun. Seriously, is there anything more satisfying than a sharp knife slicing effortlessly through a mushroom? Well, probably - but it’s still pretty satisfying.

One pot for the lot

A one-pot meal will save you time, energy and washing up. Creating a menu for the week will help you plan your time and avoid all those impulse buys in the grocery store. And while you’re at it, posting your menu on a notice board in the kitchen will let everyone know what to expect. After all, anticipation is part of the enjoyment.

The oven saves you time

Cooking several things in the oven at the same time is super convenient. Just remember to swap shelves at some point to ensure even browning.

Oven cooking gives you more and less

There’s a lot to be said for cooking in the oven: more nutrients, more flavour, more convenience. On top of that there’s less fat, less supervision, less mess. Add it all up and you’ll find that the oven is a true friend in the kitchen.

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FÖLJSAM - oven dish, clear glass | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727642_S4

Oven dish, clear glass

$ 129


KORKEN - bottle with stopper, clear glass, 1 L | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE728113_S4

Bottle with stopper, clear glass, 1 l

$ 99


MARIATHERES - dish-cloth, grey/beige | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE788347_S4

Dish-cloth, grey/beige

$ 129 / 2pack


IKEA 365+ - mandoline, black | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE741892_S4

Mandoline, black

$ 199


APTITLIG - butcher's block, bamboo, 45 x 36 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE728444_S4

Butcher's block, bamboo, 45 x 36 cm

$ 499


GLADELIG - Bowl, grey, 14 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE767611_S4

IKEA Family price

Bowl, grey, 14 cm

$ 389 / 4pack

Normal price: $ 479

0 (0)

HEMMABAK - roasting tin, grey | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE741578_S4

Roasting tin, grey

$ 249


SANDVIVA - waist apron, blue | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE764377_S4

Waist apron, blue

$ 199


IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL - potato peeler, black | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE729214_S4

Potato peeler, black

$ 129


VARDAGEN - Frying pan, carbon steel, 28 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE788328_S4

Frying pan, carbon steel, 28 cm

$ 1,499


VÖRDA - paring knife, black | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE237252_S4

Paring knife, black

$ 199

0 (0)

VOXTORP - door, dark grey | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE735364_S4 VOXTORP - door, dark grey | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE735364_S4

Door, dark grey

$ 2,000

0 (0)

VARDAGEN - cook's knife, dark grey | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727512_S4

Cook's knife, dark grey

$ 499


VOXTORP - drawer front, dark grey | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE739844_S4 VOXTORP - drawer front, dark grey | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE739844_S4

Drawer front, dark grey

$ 1,700

0 (0)

PROPPMÄTT - chopping board, tray, beech, 30 x 15 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE728452_S4

Chopping board, tray, beech, 30 x 15 cm

$ 199

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