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Children’s book storage ideas to inspire you

Looking for children’s book storage ideas that help keep your home tidy and help your kids develop a love for reading? Read on! From bookcases to bedside tables, for book beginners and experienced readers, you’ll find lots of useful tips here.

Making books more accessible

When books are kept at a low height in storage that makes it easy to see and get at them, even younger kids can enjoy a story whenever they want. With the storage box on wheels, they can also take books to their favourite reading spots by themselves.

Help them find their favourites

Storage that shows the covers of the books makes it easier for your kids to find their favourites themselves. This helps books become part of their lives. Plus, the covers with their vibrant story characters and scenes can add a fun touch to your décor.

Bookcase and wardrobe in one

Here’s where children’s book storage ideas meet children’s clothes storage ideas. With this storage combination, you can keep clothes in the wardrobe and drawers, and books on the shelves – at a height children can reach themselves. It’s part of our SMÅSTAD children’s storage system, designed to be easy to update as your kids grow – so they can use it for years. You can get new handles, interior fittings or even doors as they get older and their needs and tastes change.

Bookshelf or bookcase? You decide!

Here’s a shelf unit that you can put on the wall as a bookshelf or stand on the floor as a bookcase. Your child can use it for a long time, as today’s picture books and toys become tomorrow’s schoolbooks and sporting trophies.

A treasure chest of stories

You can use this fun box to store smaller books – even cloth ones – and just dip in and pull one out. It’s easy for you to carry, too. There are lots of children’s boxes in our range in different sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find what you want.

A bedside table that grows up with your child

A bedside table or two keeps books handy for a read before sleep. This one is very adaptable, so your child can use it for years. By attaching the legs in different ways, you can adjust its height to suit different types of bed as your child grows. It can even be used as a shelf unit beside or under a desk to store the things needed to do homework.

Unique to your teen’s room

When kids grow into teenagers, they often want to have a room that’s distinctive and expresses their personality more. These cabinets come in different colours and shapes and can be arranged in whatever pattern your teen likes. Growing collection of things to store? It’s easy to add another cabinet.

Moving books and more to wherever they’re needed

This trolley is great for storing books, pens, a calculator and all those other homework things. It’s easy for your child to roll it over to where it’s needed and to roll it out of the way when it’s not.

Want to make reading or studying easier?

As well as children’s storage, we have armchairs and desks designed for kids and much more.

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