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How to create great storage for your bed and breakfast

From towels to plates, your bed and breakfast has a lot of things to store – and even more if you have a side business, too. Good, organised storage means you can spend less time looking for stuff and more time on the fun, important things like making sure your guests have a great time.

Shelves and boxes – a great start to your storage

Shelves that reach up high will give you lots of storage space. Put heavier things lower down to avoid straining yourself with lifting. Boxes make it easy to gather together and organise stuff. Transparent ones mean you always know what’s inside and boxes with lids keep out dust.

The BROR system – strong, durable and adaptable

The BROR system gives you a wide choice of sturdy metal shelving units – and you’ll find drawers, cabinets and more, too. You can even create your own storage combination to suit your space and needs.

An easy way to prepare a welcome

A welcoming kit for guests with slippers, shampoo etc helps get their stay off to a great start. Here you can store what you need on the shelves and also prepare the kits on the worktop in easy to carry baskets. Plus, there’s space for organised storage of towels and bed linen, too.

The renewing zone

Here’s a dedicated area for cleaning equipment and stuff that you recycle – it’s a good idea to keep it separate from where you have things like fresh towels. These durable, white plastic bins are perfect for sorting out things like cans and bottles.

Taking care of your staff

A well-organised area where your staff can leave their outdoor clothes etc is very useful and appreciated –especially when it includes a bench to sit on when putting on shoes. It’s easy to keep tidy and saves time at the start and end of each working day.

Making drawers even better

Drawers are handy, especially for smaller things. Closing them keeps out dust and brings instant calm. Boxes inside them help keep everything sorted and organised and give you a better overview. If you have a shop, keeping extra products in a drawer underneath a display makes restocking super easy.

Lock it away

Made of robust steel and with shelves you can adjust to store things of different sizes, this cabinet has an extra trick up its sleeve. Just fit a smart lock to a drawer and you have storage that you can lock and unlock with a keycard.

Tidy meets handy

Clever storage ideas like this monitor stand or the hanging organiser on the wall can help you keep your reception or your desk tidy – and still have all the things you need within reach. The hanging organiser is a good way to display things like brochures, too.

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