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5 ideas to maximise your meeting spaces

A good meeting is great for business. Here are our best ideas to make them happen more often, and eliminate the less productive ones.

Create a clear pathway into the meeting

You want participants to quickly get and agree on a given context. Make it easy to understand where to go and what to do. Why not with a welcome sign on a noticeboard – that allows you to proceed with meeting notes on its whiteboard reverse?

Shape the meeting to suit your purposes

Whenever you can, make meetings active. Animate participants, divide them into groups, change the room set-up over time. Furniture and room dividers that are easy to move make for a more fluid, customisable space. Do workshops. Gather standing up, just for a change or to think on your feet.

Serve refreshments – and time to enjoy them

Take breaks. Serving snacks and drink in a separate space can be a good idea. It gives people time to move around, exchange fresh thoughts with each other, and return to the meeting energised.

Set up a speaker’s corner for all occasions

Whether everyone’s at a single table or spread out, a conference room benefits from having a natural focal point. A BEKANT storage unit on castors is an ideal presenter’s pulpit. Besides being mobile and flexible, it has room for additional props, accessories and electronics. A meeting toolbox, if you will.

Plan the seating to suit the meeting

Where are you gathering? Is the room used for other purposes? When space-efficiency is key – make sure to have slimline, stackable chairs with proper seating comfort. If they happen to have washable covers and a clever back pocket perfect for personalised meeting kits, all the better.

Conference chairs for every seat in the house

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