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What are the best bedroom blinds for you?

With bedroom blinds you can get more privacy and give the room a new look. You can also make sure that moonlight, street lights and the early morning sun don’t stop you enjoying a refreshing night’s sleep. We have lots of ideas and tips below to help you find the best blinds for you.

Better sleep with block-out bedroom blinds

Good sleep is important for your health and well-being. Block-out blinds, which stop outside light from disturbing you, can help you sleep better. We have a lot to choose from, so it’s easy to get the look you want. This roller blind, for example, has a “secret” pattern that’s only visible from certain angles!

Control at your fingertips

Everyday convenience meets stay-in-bed luxury. You can control electric blinds with a remote or connect them to IKEA smart home and use an app on your phone. We have roller blinds and other types, too. This one is a cellular blind which also insulates your window against heat and cold.

A basic blind with no drilling needed

This simple block-out blind is easy to attach to your window frame – no drilling required. You can cut it to fit different sizes, too. It’s a pleated blind, with a different look from a roller or a cellular blind. It’s paired here with sheer curtains that soften the light and give you privacy during the day.

An adaptable blind that works almost anywhere

You can pull this pleated blind down from the top or up from the bottom – or just cover the middle of your window. It works for rooftop windows and windows that tilt or turn, and can be cut to smaller sizes. The brackets stick to glass for super easy attachment but you can also screw them onto window frames.

Movie night? Make a roller blind the star!

Why not transform a room into your own cinema with a blind and a TV projector? You can use a block-out roller blind as a screen and closing your blinds or curtains in the windows should get things nice and dark. Just add some popcorn to complete the experience.

From Roman blinds to remote-controlled blinds

You’ll find a lot to choose from in our wide range and not just for your bedroom. Roman blinds that let you gently filter the daylight, smart blinds that you can control without leaving your bed or sofa and much more!

Block-out curtains with bedroom blinds that soften the light

Block-out curtains also let you sleep without being disturbed by outside light. Adding sheer or light-filtering blinds gives you privacy and cuts out glare during the day. Check out our range of colours and styles for block-out curtains and sheer and light-filtering blinds to find your favourites.

More ideas to help you make your bedroom even better

You can find lots of other ideas and advice to help you furnish your bedroom, sleep better and more.

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