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4 ideas to guide and solve your chest of drawers search

The perfect chest of drawers can be more than simply a practical, convenient place to store clothes, accessories and trinkets. It can also be a furniture centrepiece that adds character and stylish décor to your room. Here are some ideas on what to consider when you pick out the new chest of drawers that’s just right for your home.

1. Consider a chest of drawers’ impact: blends in or stands out

For a seamless look, you can choose a chest of drawers that matches – in colour and materials – the rest of your bedroom. If you already have pieces from an IKEA furniture series, you can coordinate exactly. For a bold design statement, you can go with a chest of drawers that stands out from your current décor.

2. Spend a minute checking out style-enhancing knobs and legs

It’s worth thinking about what kind of knobs or handles you’d like on the drawer fronts. Or do you prefer the clean and smooth look without any adornments? Some chests of drawers stand on legs, while others sit on the floor. Both types often have adjustable feet, so an uneven floor needn’t be a problem.

3. Make sure the chest of drawers will fit where you want

However big or small your space, there’s bound to be one (or two?) IKEA chest of drawers that slots in perfectly. Just be sure to double-check the measurements and potential wall obstructions before you buy. Remember that you’ll need enough room to pull out the drawers all the way, once the chest is in place.

4. Keep in mind what you’ll put on top of your chest of drawers

There are several ways to make good use of the flat top of your bedroom chest of drawers. You might want to keep the space clear to set down fresh clothes. You could decorate with mementoes and ornaments. Or with the addition of a lamp, mirror and accessories, you can even have a workable dressing table.

Chest of drawers ideas for every need

With so many chests of drawers in the IKEA range, there’s probably one that perfectly fits your room, your taste and your budget.

VIHALS chests of drawers and built-in safety reminders

Anchor and Unlock is a safety feature of VIHALS chests of drawers. Until secured to the wall, use of the furniture is limited – a practical reminder to anchor properly and to think about safety at home.

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