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3 Steps to Choose the Right Bulb

Step 1 Check Cap Type Your Lamp Needs


Step 2  How Much Light Do You Want?

Light output is measured in lumens (lm). The light coming from a 400 lm LED bulb feels as strong as the light from a common 35-40W incandescent bulb, but it only uses 5.3W power. IKEA bulbs use much less energy compared to the old incandescent types. So you can choose them by light output – in LUMEN – rather than by energy consumption (Watts).

Step 3  What Colour Temperature Do You Want?

The colour temperature of light is measured in Kelvin (K). Warm white (2700K) corresponds to the colour of the traditional incandescent bulb. Lower numbers give warmer light, higher numbers give colder light.
Warm candle light(yellow light)
1800 Kelvin
Warm white light(yellow light)
2200 Kelvin
Warm glow light(yellow light)
2700 Kelvin
Blue white light(white light)
6500 Kelvin

Lamp Characteristics

Most IKEA LED bulbs can adjust the brightness of the light, but not all, you must confirm before using. Spotlights are suitable for bulbs with an angle of illumination. Bulbs with a wider illumination angle provide general lighting, whereas bulbs with a narrower illumination angle provide centralized lighting.
Dimmable / Not dimmable
Irradiation angle
IKEA LED life time

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