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Traditional kitchen with a warm and welcoming feel

We’ve created this traditional style kitchen for a medium-sized living space. The calm, coordinated, no-clutter style is reinforced by the green tone-in-tone colours in the architecture. The kitchen offers classic expression in off-white that combines with the panelling to create that old-school character with a warm and welcoming feel.

Classical kitchen sink meets modern cooking functionality

This old-school kitchen sink balances perfectly with the modern cooking area. You can wash veggies before chopping, and your oven is close at hand. Plenty of light from the window for a fresh and open feel, a couple of plants on the windowsill, maybe even room for a veggie pie to cool off later.

Hook racks for handy kitchen storage, the look is a bonus

This well-organised kitchen has everything close at hand. Your most-used kitchen utensils hanging on a hook rack on the wall, within easy reach. It’s not only super-functional, but it gives a welcoming, lived-in, family feel too. Just like kitchens ought to do. Even the cookie jars agree.

Kitchen accessories complete your recipe for style and function

Find the wall hooks and utensils you need and love to really get things cooking in your kitchen.

Kitchen storage for neat display or stowing away

There’s a clean and bright atmosphere in our classic kitchen, open and closed storage combining to keep things neat and uncluttered, yet visible and available. Boxes in the shelves hold whatever you choose and can be moved quick and easy. Use the same space for display or fast access to essentials.

Your kitchen island makes preparing food practical, easy and fun

This kitchen island offers a central kitchen worktop, with plenty of space you can walk around while you get your best gastronomic creations together. Cooking is an on-the-move activity after all. Room for storage below with all your pots and pans. Preparing food has never been so easy, or so much fun.

Give your kitchen that traditional warm, welcoming feel

Get all the products you need to give your kitchen a bit of old-school kitchen character, you can almost smell the pie baking in the oven.

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