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Traditional dining room that satisfies modern needs

Ever dreamed of living in a city apartment that feels like a country cottage? This family dining room has charming touches from a slow pace weekend that never ends and storage fit for a modern life. It’s a perfect place to enjoy all the different activities going on – and still keep a decorative, uncluttered look.

A seat at the table in warm Scandi style

An ode to the busy family life and love of nature are reflected here and there in clever ways. From the large wooden table with matching chairs and a children chair, soft cushiony chair pads, green and beige tones, black details, and leafy country-themed plants. Welcome!

Natural furniture with a personal twist

A mix of old and new pieces help to create a relaxed atmosphere in the dining room. Closed cabinets painted in blue-green colour embrace that traditional calmness while open shelves offer a personal display. For a peaceful overview, put toys and games in matching boxes and organise the inside to the max.

Keep all that stuff away to embrace the country style calmness

Declutter, decorate and set an organised feel with these boxes and baskets.

Art that reflects the Nordic nature

Flowers and greens are a year-round staple in this home, bringing beauty, visual interest, and colour to the walls – no matter the time of year or the occasion. Create your own organic atmosphere with garden posters in white frames mixed with dried flowers that tell a story about the wild and whimsical.

A common place to hang out

Stools with storage create an extra space for bulky sports gear and magazines. It also makes for comfy seats where you and your children can hang out, do homework together or just be. Growing plants in the window becomes a small and easy kid’s project and add to the fun farming vibe.

Boost the curl-up-and-relax factor

While keeping furniture streamlined, adding lots of neutral textiles, such as curtains, blankets, linen cushions, and layered rugs, bring instant cosiness to the space. One could easily stay in this cocoon-like room for days without feeling the urge for something from the world outside.

Timeless storage for tomorrow’s needs

From chargers and tablets to headphones and random cables, it can be hard to know where to put all the tech and maintain the space light and neat. Colour-coordinated storage solutions, like these desk organisers, boxes and accessories, are simple ways to keep things under control.

Beautifying daily life

Enjoy a modern attitude with a sense of the old and rustic. Wildflowers in a handcrafted glass vase draw a piece of nature indoors, while plates with patterns create some eye-catching expression. Let’s celebrate the charm of a “lagom” life – not too much, not too little.

It’s all about balance

This clean and relaxed dining area has a traditional large wooden table that act as the hub of the home, constantly giving everyone a warm embrace. Another simple, yet pretty idea is using neutral textiles from the ceiling to create privacy around the sofa, yet keeping the atmosphere light and social.

Recreate the look piece by piece

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