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Sweet Everyday Moments

Delightful Rituals

Dining table - Whatever you pour in a wine glass, it takes any drink up a notch. Same thing with place mats that catch the eye, your choice of plates, and simple yet effective decorations. Now, who to share this moment with? ​

You Also Need...

Soft and stylish rug - Throw on a soft, warm rug to make waking up a good experience. A good start to the day is welcomed when you open your eyes to the freshness that the carpet brings into the bedroom.

Better bedding for your guests ​- Holiday logistics can often result in guests staying overnight on short notice. Having a few extra sets of a pillow, duvet and bed linen combo prepped and handy gives you all the flexibility you need. ​​
Set a cosy mood at work - Adding a seasonal feel can be a good way to bring smiles and high spirits to your workplace. Wintery plants, bowls of snacks and lighting will do the trick. (And you can choose LEDs for both lanterns and block candles, so it’s fireproof as well.)
Make it personal, wrap it and gift it - Every Christmas present ( or any gift ) creates a connection between giver and givee. That it’s the thought that counts can sound, belittling but it’s the opposite. Take the opportunity to make something special for someone special. ​


Chestnuts roasting, and then some ​​

Want your holiday cooking to be more holiday and less cooking? Slow oven roasting is an almost universal tip for success. Put good things in a tin on low-medium heat, set a clock, and wait for the food to come out healthy, great-looking and oh-so delicious. ​​​

Put the holidays on mute for a moment

Christmas is wonderful, but taking a break from it can also be good. IKEA has the accessories you need to set up a gaming station fusing organisation and style – letting you pop in and out of either world without lag. ​

Holiday cleaning made easy ​

Winter holidays are a lot about gifts, food and family. Then again, they also hold their share of suds, mops and ironing boards. Cleaning accessories in a handy bucket-and-caddy combo helps keep your home pine fresh throughout. ​​

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