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Small storage ideas across the home

Struggling for small storage ideas at home? We’ve got you covered. Get inspired by these clever ideas on how to tackle different kinds of clutter, make room for your hobbies and to make use of unexpected spaces in your home.

Going vertical

Turn the awkward spaces above windows and doors into a storage-friendly spot. Add a touch of personalisation with stylish boxes and knickknacks. Speaking of knickknacks, why not showcase some of your favourite flea market finds on the wall to spruce up a picture wall?

Make room for your passion

Whether you live big or small, there is always room for your favourite hobbies. An unused corner or even a tight space underneath a slanted ceiling can turn into a workspace and storage haven for your beloved pastime.

Store, move, repeat

A trolley on castors is not only a stylish piece of furniture, but it can also be the workhorse of your home. Suitable for any room, it allows you to keep whatever you need close at hand.

Proudly on display

Embrace open storage, where your belongings are not just stowed away, but easily accessible and become a part of your personality and décor.

Celebrate the little things

Even the smallest items deserve a home. A good idea is to organise life’s smaller things in shallow or see-through boxes to make sure you find them when you need them.

Sort, stack, store

Stackable boxes are a lifesaver for things you need to store on a seasonal basis. Or when you need to protect your creations or belongings from dust, dirt, and humidity. The see-through plastic means you’ll easily find what you are after without having to label the boxes.

Make use of the unused

Even the smallest homes hold possibilities for clever storage solutions. The back of a door, awkward corners or the gap underneath your sofa can turn from dead space into spaces of convenience. Function can thrive in the unlikeliest of places.

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