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Sleek and functional bathroom in light wood

We created this modern, Scandinavian style bathroom for the smaller home. Beauty meets functionality, a stylish-existentialism where you bunker in with your favourite self-care products and get ready for the day. And it’s all there at the day’s end. Organised minimalism, with everything in its place and a visually sleek, monotone vibe.

Bathroom accessories make a comfortable self-care oasis

We added some muted balance to this sharp minimalist bathroom, with wooden stools to sit on while you dry your feet, or you can put things down while you shower. And soft towels in the same colour range make the room part of a uniform self-care space. Textiles and tiles living together in harmony.

Bathroom racks, towel-bars and baskets to hold everything you need

The natural terra-cotta colours of the wall tiles make the perfect background for everything from functional towel racks and baskets to hold toiletries and scrubbing brushes to a little greenery for freshness and decoration. Earthy colours, plants and soft towels bring feeling to this bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors and washbasins are the stars of the show

When it comes to getting ready for the day, or for a good night’s rest at the end of the day, your bathroom mirror and washbasin are where everything happens, making getting ready for whatever quick, easy and pleasurable.

Smart bathroom storage for towels, soaps and creams

You can’t have organised minimalism without clever storage, so these bathroom storage cabinets make an ordered and elegant home for bath towels, soaps and creams of all kinds. Everything you need for shaving, make-up or simply a nice refreshing wash and brush up.

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