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Separate storage for sharing a home successfully

Sharing a home seems to come so naturally to this homeowner and his lodger yet they have a secret weapon: separate storage. Throughout the home, they’ve created clever solutions that allow them both to enjoy their communal spaces without infringing on each other’s privacy.

A bathroom for a clean routine

With just one bathroom for the two of them, they’ve also split the storage to keep things organised and private. Each has their own shower caddy for all their daily products, while towels and other personal care items find a home in a glassfronted cabinet split perfectly down the middle.

Tidy and ordered from within

While they occasionally share a meal, that’s where their culinary overlap begins and ends. Two keen cooks with personal preparation and serving pieces, they decided to divide the space rather than share their knives. In cupboards and drawers, interior organisers keep their pieces separated and easy to find.

An organised collection

While they don’t share their crockery, they do share a love of displaying their beautiful things. Glass-fronted cabinets were the answer: keeping their two collections separate but attractively on show.

Easy access hallway storage

A long, narrow space, their hallway houses all the storage they both need to head out into the world. Shoe cabinets keep all their boots and trainers easily accessible, while hooks take care of umbrellas, walking sticks and seasonal outerwear. It all goes to show that by dividing, you really can conquer.

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