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Perfect organisation with a classic Scandinavian look

Enjoy the tranquillity that comes with a tidy and well-organised space. Combining a sleek and contemporary appearance with a maximum of storage possibilities, including interior organisers, this kitchen was designed with a conscious decision behind every detail and designated places for all kitchen items.

An elegant and streamlined kitchen

With its straightforward design and integrated handles, these fronts allow the oak effect to stand out, giving the kitchen a modern look with plenty of warmth and character. The welcoming atmosphere is supported by dimmable lighting strips that can be connected to your SmartHome app for an easy switch between efficient work and softer ambient lighting.

Organise your kitchen drawers

Make it a joy to cook and set the table! With your cutlery and utensils neatly placed in trays inside the kitchen drawer, you will always directly find what you need. By tailoring the kitchen drawers with interior organisers, you can use the space optimally while keeping your kitchen tools in mint condition.

Make room for company – and yourself

Have a break in a calm corner with a customised work surface (the height-adjustable bar stools can be pushed in when not in use). A shallow shelf is the perfect place for your favourite knickknacks and keeps the worktop clean, while a shelf on the windowsill creates space for the fresh herbs you want to grow.

Maximise storage throughout your kitchen

Add hooks to a wall where you can’t fit a cabinet – it’s great for things that you want stowed away but close at hand. A narrow cabinet next to the sink is ideal for dish brushes and soap and you can add more flexible storage with a drill-free container with suction cups. This is tidy convenience at its best.

Optimised storage in a modern Scandi style

Ideal for your busy everyday life, this small yet highly functional parallel kitchen hides your kitchen items behind elegant fronts with a warm and welcoming oak effect. Integrated handles create a streamlined and modern look with a calm atmosphere that enhances the personal items you choose to display.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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