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Parents and kids together – a shared bedroom in traditional style

Welcome to a dreamy bedroom designed for parents and kids to share. It’s a happy haven for the whole family where bright colours and striking patterns play against a backdrop of traditional-style furniture.

Airy, colourful and rule-breaking

Colourful bedding and white furniture help create a bright, airy atmosphere. The furniture is timeless in style but the bed linen and the cushion cover are more modern. It’s a rule-breaking mix that adds excitement. Plus, the bold, stripey pattern helps connect this area to the kids’ part of the room.

Bed linen to help you set the style

Your duvet cover and pillowcases occupy a big area, so they can make a big impression. Our bed linen comes in lots of patterns and colours to help you give your bedroom the look you love.

Set the scene for a good sleep

A comfy bed, soft bed linen, an air purifier so you can breathe cleaner air all night long… And a blind that blocks out light so you can slumber undisturbed. When it’s time for bed, lowering the blind will help make the mood cosy and restful – just right for a good night’s sleep.

Control of the light and the mood

Here are the curtains, blinds and the lamp that add style and atmosphere to this room. The IKEA range has many curtains and blinds to help you control the amount of light – very useful in the room where you sleep!

A private oasis of well-being

Everyone needs a little privacy now and again, and some me-time to rest and recover. These calm-looking, traditional-style curtains help with all that, as well as adding an extra touch to the personality of the room.

Get the look of this happy haven

Here are some of the key items that make up the room, from the timeless furniture to the dreamy curtains that boost privacy in this shared space.

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