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Outdoor lighting ideas for an evening with family and friends

Well-thought-out outdoor lighting with the right combination of lamps, lanterns and lighting chains does a lot for setting a nice party atmosphere in your outdoor space. Here’s how to make the whole place glow and gleam as the sun sets.

Lights to last the night

The dining table is often where you spend the most time during a party, so it’s wise a to give the lighting a little extra attention. Dimmable table lamps for functional light, combined with a decorative lighting chain, set you up for a good time into the wee small hours.

Levels of lounge lights

There are many ways to use lighting to set a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your lounge area. Why not try this setup with several low floor lamps as a base, and then decorating the space above with soft-glowing LED candles and a lighting chain or two?

A warm-glowing welcome

Lighting chains can also be used to welcome your guests and show them the way to where the action is. This particular lighting chain is battery operated and doesn’t have to be connected to the mains supply, so it’s easy hanging a few just how you like.

Light up the night sky

If you have a tree around – or anything else overhead – you can quickly turn it into a ceiling of lights by hanging battery-operated lamps and some lighting chains from it. It’s an easy way to give night-time hangouts in good company a magical atmosphere.

How about a fun little fire pit?

Some pieces of firewood wrapped in a lighting chain and placed in a small barbecue – or a basket for that matter – make a fun and decorative little bonfire for everyone to gather around. Place it wherever you like, it’s quite safe.

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