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Home 9 | Open for adventure: a studio apartment fit for a family

Cycling, swimming or laser tagging: it’s just another week for this lively family of four. Located in the centre of the city, their compact and cost-conscious loft apartment is the ideal launching pad for their active lives – divided up smartly with designated zones, multi-functional furnishings and an impressive use of vertical space.

Space for it all

Endless interests and hobbies tend to come with lots of gadgets and equipment. The only solution? Storage, storage, storage! Textiles and accents of green add warmth to the space without taking away the function.

A go-with-the-flow living area

Welcome to the heart of this modern family’s home: the comfy, hard-working, good-looking, washable-cover-wearing modular sofa zone – flexible enough to be reconfigured any which way. From homework afternoons to comedy-filled movie nights, it all happens here.

The art of open plan living

An open plan apartment can be the ideal home for a family. According to interior designer Annette Ydholm it all comes down to multi-functional zones, smart storage, and creating much-needed privacy.

A restful bedroom for hard-working parents

When work is done and the video game quests have been vanquished, the curtain is drawn separating the parents’ space from the rest of their home. Once an open zone, it’s now their private oasis, where the only tasks left to complete are to relax, read a couple of pages and peacefully drift off to sleep.

Fuel up in an open plan kitchen

While many families connect over a meal, this household prefers to keep things moving. A gateleg breakfast table is great for quick and easy bites, folding up and putting out the way when not in use.

Right down the middle: a shared sleep space for teens

This sleep and storage space shows that creating privacy and room for two strong-willed teens and their different interests can be done – it just takes a little imagination.

A shared bathroom for a clean routine

Navigating timetables filled with everything from karate lessons to rock climbing missions, a family sharing one bathroom means there’s potential for mess and traffic jams. A schedule for showering cuts the rush hour confusion and plenty of shelves, drawers, hooks and rails cut the clutter.

Washed, dried, folded, worn

Without a lot of space, clever storage solutions have made their way into every spare inch of this home. In the bathroom, a generous shelving unit works for all the dirty washing, with individual bins of each family member’s clean basics. If getting ready quickly and efficiently were a sport, this family would be on the A team.

Nice and clean and fresh

Take the chore out of laundry day by setting up a laundry station that means business.

Grab and go, go, go!

For these adventure seekers, getting out into the big wide world needs to be as accessible as can be. This hallway allows for just that, functioning as the dividing line between “home sweet home” and their next outdoor escapade. The key? Plenty of storage for clothing and sports gear and ultra-high shelves that wrap around the room. So, who’s ready for some ultimate frisbee?

Level up your hallway

No matter how small or narrow your hallway may be, there’s a hook, rail or shelf just waiting to turn your home’s entrance into a hardworking and helpful space.

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