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Home 9 | One wall to store it all: storage in an open plan kitchen

As a family of board game enthusiasts, fitting enough storage into their loft apartment has been their greatest puzzle yet. Using every inch of vertical space, they’ve created multiple storage solutions throughout, with their open plan kitchen and storage wall doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Storage to keep things quick and easy

They’re always on the move, so most important is access to the things they need, when they need them. A floor to ceiling wall of storage does the trick, making a neat and ordered home for all their equipment and dry ingredients.

Prepping ahead

For a family of four who treats food as fuel, meal prep is vital. Look inside their fridge and you’ll find easy, healthy lunches, smoothies and snacks, ready for everyone to take away on their next trip into the great outdoors.

Optimising every inch

Right beside the kitchen is an integrated breakfast area, with shelves above to keep dinnerware and cutlery in easy reach, while the high cabinets at the very top hold things they need less often.

Waste not, want not

While food isn’t their main priority, they would never like to waste or forget about it. Open a cupboard door and you’ll find a shallow-depth pantry, where everything can be seen and used up, so they never double up on ingredients unnecessarily.

Easy to grab and go

Life gets busy, so finding little ways to make things run smoothly is a must. Packing some nourishment for the day ahead could be the antidote to the early morning rush..

No walls needed

An open plan apartment can be the ideal home for a family. According to interior designer Annette Ydholm it all comes down to multi-functional zones, smart storage, and creating much-needed privacy.

One table to rule them all

While they love many aspects of their kitchen, they all agree that their gateleg table steals the show: great for everything from breakfasts to an extra workstation, with storage for two folding chairs, space for cable management and storage pockets on the sides for devices of all sizes.

“When living in a smaller space, try to find pieces that serve more than one function or are easy to pack away – or ideally do both!”

 Annette Ydholm
 Interior designer

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