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Multifunctional modern living room in natural harmony

Welcome to a living room that’s small and simple but has the space it needs for different activities. It’s divided into zones but united by a look that stars green and white, blond wood and lots of plants. It’s casual, harmonious and very functional for a modern way of living.

Simple storage that adds atmosphere, too

Here, there’s lots of storage, with a mix of open shelves for easy access and doors you can close to give a calmer look. The simple, white bookcases and the bamboo of the doors strengthen the modern vibe. The lighting on top highlights favourite objects, helps you find what you’re looking for and adds to the atmosphere.

Open it up and start the fun

The sofa and the coffee table create a zone for different ways to relax. You can raise or lower the tabletop to suit the activity and store things under it. The sofa cover is machine-washable so it can cope with spills. Both match the room’s colour palette and modern style – and the modern way of living.

Small details with strong patterns make a big impact

Smaller things can really help you get the look you want. And they’re easy to change when you feel like a makeover.

Storage below, art gallery above

The sideboards – their colour and modern style matching the room – provide open and closed storage and space for things on top. Their sliding doors don’t stick out when open – great in a small space. Two sideboards together make an impression, as well as doubling what you can store. You could go for even more… They leave the wall free higher up for decoration, like the mood-boosting art here.

Room dividers with a flexible vibe

The frames, on lockable castors, divide the hobby zone from the relaxing sofa area. You can move them and create fluid, flexible spaces. The lights in them add atmosphere in the evenings. The plants give a feeling of nature, and their green and the white of the frames strengthen the colour palette.

Natural harmony inside your living room

This is still indoors. But with the artificial plants and the striped armchairs, it’s like you’re on a terrace on a sunny day. The feeling is relaxed and harmonious, enhanced by the green and white colours, plus the light wood of the side table.

Enjoy lush greenery all year round and never need to water!

A multipurpose room where everything works together

Blond wood and other natural materials; green and white, sprinkled with accent colours, and plants are the keys to the look of this modern-style room. It’s small but the zoning idea lets you enjoy an indoor “terrace”, a cosy sofa spot and a discrete hobby area. And it’s all in harmony.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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