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Home 4 | Light up your life: lighting design for a smarter home

Sure, switching on the lights without leaving the sofa is marvellous, but there’s so much more that smart lighting can do for your home and your life! Smoother routines, and a more productive you, are just the click of a button away – no electrician needed!

A warm welcome home

You’re on your way home after dark, tired, and it’s been a long day. What if your lights were already turned on to welcome you? Timers are just one of the smart functions that a TRÅDFRI gateway can offer you.

Well-deserved downtime

Ready to relax? Switching to a lower, warmer light tells your body to wind down and sets a really cosy scene in any space. All you need to get started is a TRÅDFRI smart bulb with a dimmable white spectrum, paired with a TRÅDFRI remote control to choose the brightness and temperature. The two are also available combined as the TRÅDFRI remote control kit, for your convenience.

Work mode activated

 Brighter, colder light wakes up the brain, which is great for getting up in the morning or during work hours. Again, TRÅDFRI light bulbs with dimmable white spectrum will do the trick, in combination with the TRÅDFRI remote control.

Time to call it a day

Just one more episode wouldn’t hurt… would it? The TRÅDFRI gateway’s timer function can even help you create healthier habits, like lights that dim at 10pm to ever-so-gently remind you that bedtime is beckoning.

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