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Fresh as can be: a home designed for cleaning from the ground up

Busy homes get dusty, and the mopping and scrubbing can feel like a never-ending task. In warm climates where doors and windows are open much of the time, cleaning every day is a must. To make life easier, find solutions to keep home spic-and-span in a systematic and organised way.

Easy to clean, easy to love

A sleek cabinet with exposed legs is a cinch to sweep underneath. The glass-fronted doors protect everything inside from a build-up of dust and grime, while creating a visual feature of prized collections of books and objects.

Everything up off the floor

Daily mopping is so much easier when furniture is mounted to the wall. A TV bench with ample storage means the top surface is kept clear for quick wipe-downs at the end of each day.

Simple laundry room storage

A crowded home creates a lot of laundry to do, but without much space to do it. Tackle the challenge with an area for sorting, folding and storing essentials. A small rail with hangers is within easy reach, too.

Wash and fold in style

Can a laundry room be stylish? We say yes. Uniform storage boxes on open shelves keep this tight space tidy, organised and looking lovely. Drying rails bolted to the wall above rolling laundry bins prevent mess and chaos from taking hold.

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