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Organise your home to create space beyond imagination


The art of organization

Keep your corners clutter-free 

Three tiptop tips for long-term organisation: there’s a box for everything, make things easy to find, and you can’t use too many hooks. Apply to hobby corners, garden sheds or plain basement storage, and enjoy the peace of mind that clutter-freedom brings. 

Organisation by the box 

There are few storage challenges that can’t be solved with the right box. Take KUGGIS boxes, for instance. Stylish, stackable, lidded, and available in different sizes. Let the decluttering begin. 

Food containers for many more meals 

You don’t need a big household to appreciate having some extra food containers around. Why not set up a station keeping all of them organised and accessible? It will save you both space and time – and likely some lunch money, too. 

A waste solution – recycling made easy 


In all honesty, maximising recycling has a lot to do with minimising waste sorting. Arranging a mini recycling station right in your kitchen lets you do the tricky bit even before the waste hits the bin. Problem sorted, indeed. 

Who needs a dishwasher? ​

In small households, washing up by hand can often be superior to using a machine. The RINNIG series not only covers all you need – towel, brush, dish drainer – it’s quite the style injection as well. Also, have you noticed the meditative calm that doing the dishes brings? 

Shower your plants with love ​

Talking to your plants is a common enough habit, and can probably be good for both parties. If you combine it with spraying a bit of water on them, even better. ​

A tidy truth about cleaning ​

Have you noticed how much easier it is to begin cleaning your home when your cleaning accessories are well organized? 

Mix decorations and storage in your child’s room ​

Putting things on display – think open shelves, picture ledges, textile baskets – is often a great way to organise a child’s room. Many toys can double as decoration, and storing them in view makes them easy to find. 

Organize your child’s wardrobe with an expert ​

Want a tip to make busy weekday mornings run smoother? A wardrobe that’s the same size as your child. It lets the wardrobe’s owner decide what wear goes where. All within reach, it may lead to both less wardrobe arguments – and more interesting outfits.

Refresh your young artist’s studio ​

Regardless if it’s a phase, talent or all-out passion, most children enjoy drawing in a big way. With the right equipment, you can easily turn your child’s desk corner into a full-fledged studio. (Also, an art gallery will likely pop up nearby.) 

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